I am not sure who the person was that came up with the phrase “Terrible Two’s” but I would like to put my foot down and stake a claim on the phrase “Dramatic Three’s!”  I’m pretty sure I’m not the first to try to attach my name to that phrase since most Mom’s I know are saying the exact same thing. 

Before I get into many details, I was trying to think back when Ryan was about the two-three age and what crazy things he was up to at the time.  Its amazing how quickly you forget once you survive that stage in life with kids.  I often wonder if that forgetfulness is somehow built in to being a parent or a Mom because I find myself feeling brain dead about a lot of things….. anyway, that’s another story for another day.

When I was thinking back to Ryan in the earlier years, I distinctly remember the following:

* Having major melt downs on the drive home from school every single day.  I had no idea what was causing it other than exhaustion or hunger, so I added goldfish to our route and secured a DVD player in to help appease him.

* On our drives to school or home, Ryan used to lose his mind in the back about which way I would turn the car.  We would pull up to a street sign and he would try to direct me on which way to go and when I would turn the opposite way, all hell broke loose.  I mean seriously, as if he knows the way to get places at the age of 2! 

*Socks.  Socks have always been an issue with Ryan for as long as I can remember.  Is it the thread that goes across his toes? Maybe.  Is it because they are too small or too big?  Maybe. Maybe it’s the cotton fibers that stab his feet.   I don’t think any thing specific about the socks is an actual problem because we have tried every sock that has ever been manufactured to nail it down.  I’ve succumbed to the dreaded socks.

Now there’s Reese who is wrapping up her year of being a 2 year old and she has developed some of her own strange and dramatic habits.  Seems about the same time as Ryan so its definitely “Dramatic Three’s in action (early)”

Occasionally when we pull up to the house it will be raining or maybe very windy and cold.  In this case I have chosen the lazy way of checking the mail and pull up to it in the car.  Its easy just to put the car in reverse and reverse park in the driveway.  Unfortunately, I have a passenger who feels this is the end of the world!  Screams full of tears and throwing herself on the backseat floor as she wails out “I don’t want to go backwards”.  I actually enjoy parking in reverse so that when we leave I can just zoom on out.  Reese does not agree.  This is the meltdown in progress.


The latest travesty has been regarding mother nature and science.  You see, I pick the kids up from school and we have a joyous ride home. 
But then… Reese asks me if the sun is going to go down.  I respond as any normal Mom would and say “Yes”.  Turns out she wanted me to say “No” or perhaps something else, I don’t know.
Combine this disappointment with the fact that Reese was taking forever to crawl out of my door while she was buckling her baby into her car seat and now I bring you the additional melt down from closing my door and opening hers.  To subside the drama, I reopened my door for her to exit from. 

This is only 1 month till her 3rd birthday.  I cannot imagine what the full on THREE’s will bring!  Oh gosh, and to think I get to do this again with Rayne! 


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Stacie said...

So, still thinking about having #4? As I was laughing (not really at the situation, more at the progression of the tantrums through pictures), I realized that my time will be here before I know it....oh crap....

P.S. When I worked in child care, I would beg, literally beg, to work in any room BUT the 3 year old room. Any day I didn't end up beat up or tied up in there was a success.

Krystal said...

Oh boy, been there, done that, 6 times! and survived!! You'll survive too - 4 year old girls are just the best!! There is hope!!

Sarah Shumate said...

Oh my. Your kids are definitely capable of some epic meltdowns. But you're right - it's definitely something to do with the age, not just them. :o) I'm also pretty sure that forgetfulness of these stages is the only reason the human species has continued on as long as it has.

Emmy said...

Seriously girl how dare you say the sun is going down, what were you thinking?? heheh You really never do know what is going to set them off and right when you think you have it figured out turns out it was totally the wrong thing.

Hey at least we will be suffering through the 3's together :)

Nicole said...

Oh dang, you guys and your posts like this... I smile because I know this phase will pass but at the same time it scares the living daylights out of me to have kids and have to deal with this. OY!