I never thought I would find myself comparing to Angelina Jolie but with the recent story released of her decision, I think I am more like her than I thought! 

I’m not sure why I look at Angelina and think that she is so much older than me but she’s only 2 years older!   I guess it could be her accomplishments that seem to have aged her but age is not really the issue.  The main reason I bring up age is because women across the world are probably asking themselves if they would do what she did (assuming they had the funds to do so).  If you don’t keep up with the news, Jolie had a genetic testing done for a specific gene known as BRCA1 which indicates likelihood of developing breast cancer.  Jolie tested positive with an 85% chance of developing cancer and made the decision to reduce her chances by having a double mastectomy.  Usually stories like this aren’t something I can relate to because celebrities sharing their stories in the past haven’t been that personal to me.


This headline though is different.  I try to be very aware of my health and consciously go to the Doctor when I suspect something is wrong.  I don't' want to mislead you to think I am a hypochondriac but lets face it, I don’t want to die. 

My Father’s mother died before I was born at a very early age from a stroke and complications of colitis.  Thankfully medical technology has come as far as it has because now we can surmise that the reason she had a stroke was probably due to a blood mutation she had which has been passed down to my Father, one of his sisters, a cousin and myself.   I got tested and now know how to medically handle it.

My Mother’s Mother died of breast cancer in 2005.  She had a double mastectomy without reconstruction.  She got cancer in her 50’s and it went away and came back and spread.  So, the last time I saw my OB, they offered a test called the Halo Breast Pap Test.  I didn’t hesitate to sign up and do it.  There was no collection so that gave me some relief.  If a test was affordable and available through insurance to have the testing done like Angelina did, I would sign up and likely make the same decision she did. They say the mutation is rare so how can you decide if it’s a path you should take?

The medical field is probably trying to evaluate the story and I am sure there will be an overwhelming increase in women wanting this same test.  Is it necessary?  I guess its up to the individual their convictions.  The only thing that part of me thinks I might not do it is….. what if the ultimate plan God intended for me was to live until I was the age of 76 and cancer was the predestined way for me to go and I removed the odds of getting it…. wouldn’t there still be something in place so that my time ended at the original planned time?  I guess we’ll never know. 

With only 2 years between myself and Angelina Jolie, I think it brings it closer to reality for me and I applaud her for her decision and am thankful she shared her story.  I just hope the medical world can find a way for things like this genetic testing be more affordable so we can all make this decision no matter our income.

What do you think?

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Connie @ Measured by the Heart said...

I didn't know this about you. I hope everything is ok

Nicole said...

Oh wow. I hadn't actually heard about this test. Cancer is extremely scary and I'm scared of getting it. I think if it were affordable or I had endless monetary means, yeah, I'd probably do the test.

Stacie said...

It definitely makes you think what if.

Krystal said...

If I had the funds and the ability to get tested, yes, I would do it and if the results were higher than 50% then yes, I'd have the procedure.

I want to be here for my children as long as possible and if that means drastic measures then so be it.

Emmy said...

I had not heard this- good for her for taking these steps though, yes that would be a hard decision.

I think of her as older too-- I am always surprised when I find out the age of celebrities.