Hello Monday!

Ahhh… what a great weekend! I haven’t felt like saying that in a while!  Most weekends I feel like they have come and gone and usually the memory of them is a blur.  As you know, this past weekend was Mother’s Day.  We traditionally schedule a breakfast that includes the entire family so that we can share a meal together to celebrate all of the Mom’s.  This year, everyone was able to make it!  After breakfast, I asked to take group pictures of the families.

First off a shout out to my Step Sister and Step Brother from another Mother for coming this year!  I know it made the breakfast that much more special!  If you are a friend on Instagram, these are a duplicate posting of pictures.

This is my Step Sister Haley.
This is my Step Brother Jason.
And in no particular order, this is my family…..
My Dad, Step Mom Patricia, Haley and us.
This is Erik’s Mom, Dad and Sister Tanya with us.
This is my Dad (Pap), Step Mom Kaye and Step Brother Jason.IMG_0561
This year I got each of the Mom’s a Oragami Charm Necklace.  I loved that they were living lockets that you could change out the charms to fit your life.  They each got the #3 for the number of grandchildren, they each got their birthstone, a heart with the word Mom on it and 1 additional charm that was specific to each one of them. 

My day was so nice and relaxing!  I got to rest with Rayne while she napped and took in a movie I’ve been wanting to see since it came out in theaters, Safe Haven.  It was a great movie!  I just love Nicholas Sparks stories.  After the movie, I was able to go to the Nail salon and have some much needed pampering thanks to Erik and his parents for giving me a gift card!  I branched out and tried a new color I don’t think I normally would have chosen!  It may have been inspired by my love for EOS (thanks to Stacie) and my favorite EOS flavored lip balm. 
Erik and the kids also got me a beautiful necklace (which I meant to take a picture of, but this is in essence what it looks like with 2 pink shoes with Reese and Rayne’s name on the back of each and a blue one with Ryan’s name.  Super sweet!! I also got a “We {heart} Mommy Frame” that I can’t wait to fill!
Personalized Sterling Silver Baby Bootie Necklace - 4792D
Love my sweet family!!  It was a great Mother’s Day! I hope yours was great too!!

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Stacie said...

Looks like sweet family time. Love your necklace and your nails!

Connie @ Measured by the Heart said...

lovelovelove that necklace! and your family is adorable! !

Sarah Shumate said...

That is a GREAT mother's day! I'm so glad you had a good one and got to spend it with so many family members. (Reese eating Rayne's shoe in that first family picture cracks me up!)

becca said...

what a wonderful way to celebrate mothers day

Krystal said...

That seems like the best way to celebrate Mother's Day!! Glad you enjoyed yours and I love the Origami Owl Necklace charms!! And those little shoe charms Erik got you - sooo cute!!!

Nicole said...

Oh sounds like such a great mother's day! I wondered about those origami necklaces, especially because I really want one :)