Fun in the sun & Friends

Just thought I’d share some pictures I’ve taken of the kids together and with their friends over the past week. 

Reese is quite the ham.  I had a crochet hat in a drawer that she found along with some long pearls, so we tied it all together for a sassy lil’ outfit.  Rayne wasn’t too impressed but still super cute sister pics!  These outfits are also courtesy of their Aunt Tanya.

At Ryan’s late game, I wanted to get a few pictures of him and his buddies.  Its hard to pick which one was best as they were hamming it up for every shot!
I also caught some precious moments with Ryan’s friend Hudson’s baby sister Ashland.  I could totally keep her for a daughter in law!
And then there were sweet moments captured with Ryan and his baby sister Rayne… so thankful they love and adore each other so much!


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Stacie said...

That little Reese is so stinkin' sassy and cute! I love how you can just see her personality in her pics! And so jealous that it is warm enough to wear sunsuits, E has a whole closet of summer stuff that it needs to warm up so she can wear!

Krystal said...

Oh boy - cuteness overload!! And the boys!! They made me laugh!! Just too precious for words :-)

Mason's Mama said...

Love those cute little pink outfits!!! And, the baseball uniform - oh my heart. You have such darling littles!!

Emmy said...

Such sweet pictures!
The silly dirty butt one is my favorite, too cute.

Nicole said...

I really think that out of the boys ball pictures my favorite was the one of number 5 putting his rear toward the camera... lol :)