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I am typically a very good planner.  I think about holidays in advance when most people would cringe at the thought.  This coming weekend is Mother’s Day and I checked that off my list of things to get done for a gift a few weeks back so I was feeling pretty good.   I was dropping the kiddo’s off this morning and walked in the door to see that this is Teacher Appreciation Week!  In the words of Erik, “Didn’t we just do that last week?”.  {face to palm}….. shoot! I hadn’t planned for this one!  I’m cruising through the pinterest boards of ideas to find something creative and cute for these amazing women.  While I am scrambling for ideas on the perfect gift for them, I thought I”d share something else that I just purchased.  I wanted to bring this to your attention because it only lasts for the month of May so I didn’t want any time to slip by without telling you.
My cousin’s wife, Amy just recently found out that she has leukemia.  Together they have 2 adorable kiddos.  Amy is a young and healthy Mom so it came as quite a shock.
John and Amy Family Pic
Amy has had an incredible support come forward on her behalf for prayers and some friends have even started a facebook group called “Amy’s All Stars!”  We are certainly praying for a speedy recovery and currently prayers for a match with her sister for a bone marrow transplant.   Friends and family as well as coworkers are taking pictures with posters to show support and have even created a T-shirt for her cause.  Amy Allstars Hope shirt
I happened upon one of my favorite jewelry designers pages and it was like fate!  Amy Cornwell was featuring this necklace called “Hope is the Key”.  20% of the proceeds for selling this necklace will go towards Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.  You can get it with a heart charm to say Hope or a Diamond shape!
I love that Amy Cornwell is always creating with such a big heart for helping others and knew this was a perfect way I could show my cousin Amy how much we love and support her.  I ordered it to hopefully arrive in time for Mother’s Day with her birthstone.  I think its safe to share this here because neither of these folks read my blog (that I’m aware of). I bought it as a surprise gift and it will be mailing out this week. You can order this necklace too for yourself or someone you know who might need hope for other reasons.  The proceeds will be donated on sales for May.  I love all of Amy’s work and be on the look out because I think she’s about to have a huge moving sale mid-week!  You can shop HERE
Say a lil’ prayer for my cousin & his wife Amy as she begins her journey in this battle. 
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Nicole said...

Dang, what is it about all these people getting diagnosed with cancer these days. I'm so sorry and of course she'll have my prayers.

Mrs. Match said...

Oh that's so sad. Sending prayers to your family. I love the necklace, what a beautiful way to show support.

Stacie said...

I'll be praying for Amy and her family.

Emmy said...

What a thoughtful gift and truly so tragic-- will be praying for her.