Could Epic be one of this year’s biggest films? {GUEST POST}

Could Epic be one of this year’s biggest films?

With the recent and latest Epic trailer available online, now is probably the best time to get excited. At the very least, your children are probably getting geared up. Whilst you may not take as much of an active interest, this is a family-friendly film that you may want to keep an eye on. It should be no surprise, in fact, if this film goes on to do rather well this summer.

To summarize, Epic is the story of Mary Katherine; a girl who ends up shrunk to a tiny scale, joining magical creatures in a fight between good and evil in the forest. Its simple themes of good versus evil give the film plenty of potential. As the trailer shows, this seems to be something that it has capitalized on particularly well.

For the family

At the heart of any family trip to the cinema is, of course, the choice of film itself. As such, the film needs to be good. When taking children, you're also further limited by any age restrictions on the more mature films.

Fortunately, Epic seems to be appropriate for everyone. It’s not overtly violent and avoids any adult themes. Yet it’s not a dull lullaby either. There is plenty of tense action, including some impressive camera work that has gone into crafting this film; something that arguably isn't in every CGI film. The end result, if the trailer is anything to go by, should be a CGI film that not only makes you laugh, but keeps your eyes on the screen throughout.

Finally, let's not forget that the film simply looks fantastic. It’s something that is instantly recognizable and ensures you always have something to watch. Throw in some key cast members, such as Amanda Seyfried playing the main heroine, Mary, alongside Colin Farrell and others, and you have the makings of a very popular summer movie. Only time will tell; Epic opens across UK Cinemas this summer.

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