Big Girl Dreams

I have recently been digging through pictures from my childhood.  I ran across a picture of a house I wish I could show you  that was newly built near my Dad back in the mid-90’s and I thought it was the most beautiful house!  Every time we would drive by it, I’d say that it was my dream house.  The funny part is that it was probably a 3 bedroom home with 1 bathroom and wasn’t really that special.  Many years later, I remember driving past it after growing up and thinking “gosh, I can’t believe I used to think that was my dream house!”

I think its so funny how our first dreams of homes started with Barbie.  She and Ken had a very impressive home.  I had no idea where Malibu was when I was playing house with them but knew that I wanted to live there and be just like them!

So now that I’m grown up and living in our home now, there are still times when Erik and I drive by a place and say, “that’s what our dream home will have” or “I hope we can add that to our dream home”.  For instance, Erik really wants a home with a porte cachere and a third car garage with high ceilings so he can lift cars up for working on them.  Oddly enough, I want a double stacked oven which is bizarre considering I don’t cook that often.  I think an under the stairs hidden room might be neat to have with a whole room set up incase of emergencies.

Love the dark woods!! They are so nice and rich looking.  I got carried away in my online searches and started looking up
land sales in craigieburn and mernda villages and started to think that maybe I could be happy in a house that was all white and stainless steel!  So elegant and pretty, don’t you think!?  Heck, living on the shores of Australia would suit me just fine with a room looking like this and kangaroos hopping by our windows instead of squirrels and rabbits.
So now I’ve gone from living in a Barbie dream house to a gorgeous home in the
mernda villages!  Its fun to dream right? Where do you think your dream home will be or are you already in yours?  I keep thinking it would be nice to have a place in another country to just hop a flight and relax but I’m quite content in Texas.  Good thing for custom home builders!! I’ve got a stack of ideas and torn pages from magazines and websites piling up! 

Disclaimer: This is a personal blog and the opinions are 100% my own.  This post is written in partnership with Stockland.

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Stacie said...

Nothing wrong with dreaming! And I still have my Barbie dream house!

Krystal said...

I live in the location of my dream house - just saving money to get my dream house. So I can say that I'm 50% of the way there. Imagine 4 bedroom house, on concrete stilts with tropical blue/green outside and white trim on doors and windows with wood floors and nautical/fishing/ocean theme decoration...located on the edge of a gravel driveway hidden back on the island. Our boat parked under the house and a low maintenance but beautiful yard...they are definitely here...and if not, there's vacant spots available and yes, thank God for custom builders!! :-)

becca said...

dreams make the world go round

The DeMille Family said...

I want that suit of armor lol.

Emmy said...

It is so fun to dream about a dream home- in college Eric even had to do that full floor plans for a dream home so we even have the blueprints- though he designed it per-kids, I think there are things I would change now.