Today I am sharing my Heartfelt Acts for March with Emmy Mom!  If you have any you would like to share, you can link up on our Heartfelt Acts Page anytime!  There is no set day or time for you to write about your experience, but just sharing the details to pass it on.  You are open to do anything to show Heartfelt Acts!!
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This months prompt:


1.  Forgive Someone.
2.  Send a care package (ex.  military, friend or family member in college, for any friend just because).

WHOA! I was sort of nervous about this month because I wracked my brain to think of who I could forgive.  I felt that for it to be worth writing about, it had to be something life changing and I wish I could tell you that I am able to do that but unfortunately I’m not there.   So then I got to thinking about a Care Package, (disclaimer: you do NOT have to do the suggested prompts, these are merely ideas) and was struggling with who I could send one to and what should I put in it.  I was talking to my good friend Amber who reminded me that a Care Package isn’t only for military or college kids, but that I could think of a care package for a shelter in need.  {High Five Amber! Great idea!!}  She sent me information about the SPCA and their wish list

So, I took off to the Dollar Store to grab a few items to create a gift bag for each of the kiddo’s to fill and carry in and then took the family to Wal-mart to pick up more items from their wish lists.  As most of you know, we lost our dear Mackie on April 15th, so this care package was donated in memory of her.   The kids were super excited and I think deep down we had hopes to find a new family member to take home, but sadly we didn’t find one.  The SPCA workers were so excited to see us coming in with bags of goodies!  Some of the goodies were for them to use in the office so they were super excited about that! 

We explained to the kiddos that we were doing this donation of a care package in memory of our sweet Mackie to give puppies and kit-tens (you have to say it as if its two words because that’s how Reese kept saying it… too cute) to live comfortably at the center until they get to go home with their new families. 
{picture overload}
Here the kids are loading up their gift bags.  They each had a different pup on their bag that they picked out on their own.  They move fast so it was hard to take clear pics… sorry!
This was the contents of their personal bags:
Disinfectant wipes, pet odor spray eliminator, cat liners, balls, squeaky toy, lint roller, cat toys and dog treats.


Off we go to Wal-Mart.  Rayne was very excited to put things in the cart!
We donated Mackie’s big fluffy bed along with our gift bags and Wal-mart purchases.  We added to the care package- Paper towels, puppy pads, Q-Tips, Alcohol, cotton balls, detergent, antibacterial hand sanitizer pump, puppy bath wash, pads of paper, highlighters, dry erase markers , cat nip & cat nip bubbles.
Off we go!
These were the sweet residents of the McKinney SPCA that warmed my heart.  I just wish I could have given them a home.
This particular pup really liked Ryan and was trying to shake hands with him through the gate.IMG_0280IMG_0281
I felt good about this care package and I know Mackie is happily looking down knowing we were honoring her with our donation. 

If you want to join along and link your Heartfelt Acts, please click HERE to add yours.  Next month’s prompt is very fun! Can’t wait!


1.  Host a cookie exchange.  Examples of how to do this can be found HERE & HERE.
2.  Write a letter to a family member telling them why you love them. (Great for Mother’s Day!)

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Stacie said...

Oh, sweet little Rayne trying to lug her bag by herself is just precious. You could not have picked a more deserving organization.

Krystal said...

I love this!! So glad that you were able to provide the care packages, puppies and kit-tens are just as deserving :-)

Emmy said...

Yea!! Great job girl and love how much your kids helped out. There really are so many places/organizations all around us that need help, so great to reach out and do what we can.
Thanks again for doing this me

Nicole said...

Oh I love this, especially that you did it in Mackie Mae's honor! Fabulous!

Amber said...

So happy to finally get to see the pictures of this great adventure!

Looks like the kids loved it and I'm sure all the furry friends at the shelter did too!

Great work!

Sarah Shumate said...

Well you know me and Lexie love this one! Anytime I see people donating to animal shelters, it warms my heart! :o) I know how much they appreciated it! That it was in honor of Mackie makes it even more special!

Mrs. Match said...

aw what a great donation and awesome way to honor Mackie. Love it!!