1st Family Road Trip {Part 3}

The light from the patio of our hotel room was barely shinning in through our room when Erik turned on the TV to get everyone up and ready to go to the beach.  We rushed around to get the kids ready and get breakfast and were on our way to Rockport Beach.  There was a line of cars already in place to get past the check in point to claim your spot on the beach.  Seemed sort of odd that we had to pay to go to the beach and park but whatever, it was still worth it.

Our view when we first arrived…..
The sand was combed and only a few footprints were around.  There was a kind family that was already set up that warned us about jelly fish lining the edge of the waters….. SUPER!  This lil’ guy apparently lost his legs or tentacles or arms,…. whatever they are.. the kids and Erik just stepped over them and took off for the waters!
Ryan came running back to where I was setting up and told me..
”Mom! I think I’m allergic to the Ocean!”
I said, “really? Why would you say that!?
He said, “because the water burns and hurts!”
Sounds about right if your first time in the ocean is having a bunch of crazy jelly fish with tentacles swimming past you and stinging you as they passed”…. I thought to myself.  I didn’t want to say out loud and make him afraid of the water. 
The girls were more frilly and wanted to play in the sand and were so darn cute! 
While we take a break from the water, I asked Ryan if we could cover him in sand and make him look like ironman… he loved it!
There were a few flyers they gave us when we drove in to the beach—I briefly looked over it but tossed them aside as I am sure others do—but it said something about ‘do not feed the birds because they become aggressive”
Oh! Hello there birds!! Want some of my potato chips and gold fish!?
I am not a fan of birds that hover like this…. reminds me of the Alfred Hitchcock movie, “The Birds” although these were prettier than the movie birds, they still were aggressive.
Ryan found a friend and together they thought it would be cool to collect the jelly fish heads out of the shore line and lop them over into the grassy area behind where we were sitting.  Later they realized it was okay to touch them because they were dead and people were launching them at others for fun.  EW!
Meanwhile…. I sat and observed.  I’m not one to enjoy getting in the water, especially knowing there are jelly fish out there ready to sting me.  Erik was stung a few times and that was enough to keep me on a towel like a beached whale people watching.
Every now and then the kids would come up and let me take pictures of them with me… notice how red my face was getting! Yes—hurts.  Still….. hurts.
It was a great 6 hours of fun at the beach.  I think if we had less sunburn on our bodies we may have tried to finish our trip off by hitting another beach near us but instead we decided to wrap up our vacation with a tour of the USS Lexington Museum.  It was a perfect place to go as it was Memorial Day after all!
Here were some of my favorites from there.
Lots of fun and great memories for us to look back on as we celebrate more anniversaries to come and so glad we spent the time with our children because they make everyday more amazing!
Happy 6th Wedding Anniversary! xoxo

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Anonymous said...

That is so crazy that there were so many jelly fish! We live a couple hours away from the ocean and go pretty often and I've never seen one! But we also live on the west coast, if that makes a difference? I would have definitely steered clear of the jelly fish - ouch!
Love all of the pictures! So fun!!

Sarah Shumate said...

This was such an awesome trip!! Minus the sunburn part. Ouch. I miss going to the beach, but I definitely don't miss the sunburns!

I thought beaches were public areas, and they still made you pay? That's weird!

Stacie said...

Pay to go to the beach? Crazy!

I always burn, no matter how much sunscreen and I am afraid E inherited my fair skin. Love the girls playing in the sand and I feel you, I only like clear water where I can see what sees me!

jaime said...

Such a great trip! Minus the sunburn. Glad you guys had such a great anniversary!

(Paying for parking at the beach does not sound great, but it's not uncommon for many of the beaches I've visited. Sad.)

Nicole said...

Sounds like an absolutely awesome trip. I love the water, but I"m not so sure about those jellyfish! Yikes. I might have joined you on the beach in that instance... might. I still like the water. haha.

Krystal said...

Seems like such an awesome trip and I'm so glad you got to spend your anniversary with the kiddos. The ultimate sign of your love for eachother!