1st Family Road Trip {Part 2}

After our wind down at the park with the kids, we decided going to the beach was not going to happen.  It was too sticky and hot outside from the rain that came through before we arrived so we decided to go check out the Texas State Aquarium!

Group pictures with the kids is next to impossible… at least we tried!
Lots to see!  Sting Rays and Seahorses!
I wish I could tell you what this was called… Ryan got to hold what appears to be a stack of sticks sea anemone or pretzel looking thing.  How is that for scientific!
Look Mom! It’s a SHARK!
I am really unsure how jelly fish work.  In the picture on the right, it appears there are two of them tangled up in each other.  Perhaps they were talking, or hugging or kissing. I have no idea but the strings hanging off of them look so fragile.. seems like it would be losing legs all the time.  Are they legs? I just don’t know. 
Who wants to see what its like to be in Hurricane force winds?  Ryan, Reese, Rayne?  Anyone?  The girls did NOT enjoy it… Ryan and Erik thought it was fun.
Outside they had more attractions.  You could pet the sting rays (ew) and see Sea Otters as well as dolphins!
”Hey Rayne! There’s Sea Otters swimming behind you!”
”Say what?”
With pointing action towards her—”LOOK BEHIND YOU!”
”No, don’t point back at me, look behind you! Silly girl! Never mind”…. too cute.
Ryan finally got brave to go and touch a shark with the help of his Daddy.
What a fun adventure! Before we left, we stopped by the Whale Wishing Well.  Ryan said that he wished for a puppy.  Reese did too.  Ever since he made his wish, he has asked daily when he’s going to get his wish. 
We went back to our hotel and decided to burn off more energy by letting the kids play in the hotel pool.
The girls had fun splashing in the kiddie pool, especially Reese.  She couldn’t stop laughing!IMG_0943IMG_0952IMG_0954IMG_0955IMG_0956IMG_0957
I was rather surprised to see Rayne getting into the pool and flopping over to practice her kicks.  I wish we had the time to get all the kids into swim lessons but was proud of her for it!  I think at her age, when I was a kid, I was deathly afraid of the water….
Next up is our day at the beach!! Full of jelly fish, fun in the sun and first time thoughts of the ocean from the kids! 

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Stacie said...

So fun! I think Ryan is holding a sea urchin? One of the perks of being a state employee is free aquarium admission for me and the fam, so we will definitely be visiting when we go to the beach.

Anonymous said...

Such fun pictures!! Glad you guys had a great time at the aquarium!

Emmy said...

What a fun aquarium! Looks like fun. So nice when kids actually like the water.

Our favorite vacation often our just the short weekend getaways.

Sarah Shumate said...

This is so cool! We had yearly passes to Sea World when we lived in Orlando and I loved going! So I take it you didn't touch the sting rays or feed them? :o)

Nicole said...

Looks like fun! I soooo think that hurricane emulator could be fun/interesting.

Krystal said...

A hurricane emulator? Hah! Try living in a house with flexing walls during hurricane Andrew! LOL It looks like you guys were having a blast!! So much fun and way to do Ryan on petting a shark!! Brave little man!!