1st family road Trip {Part 1}

Our 6th wedding anniversary always falls on Memorial weekend which is super handy for an extra day off.  This year we decided instead of a night away or a local place, we would be impulsive and take off on a family road trip.  As a very detailed planner, this is a tad stressful for me even if I claim to be impulsive for things like this.  We found a hotel that was inland on Corpus Christi and just figured we could drive to the various beaches of our choice from there.  We literally booked it at the last minute but found a great place.

Our voyage began at 5am Saturday morning as we rushed to finish packing and loading up the car.  Our goal was to get out by 6am with the kids in the car sleeping.  Turns out they have some major adrenaline, aka. excitement and were wide away as we rolled out at 6:15.  We are late for everything, why not be late to our goal of 6am! 

In addition to wanting to leaving at 6am and failing at that, we were hopeful to make good timing and get to the hotel in 6 hours.  HA! I laugh because that was taking into account that we didn’t need to stop at least 5 times on the way down there and most of the stops were because of …. ME!  I was reminded how road trips effect me and apparently my bladder gets smaller the further we go. 

Next literal road block was the huge band of storms going through the majority of our drive down.  We got to one town to stop and heard tornado sirens and police were blocking off parts of the road forcing detours.  Apparently parts of the streets were flooding.  Luckily we went this route though because later we learned that if we had chosen to drive through a different route, we would have experienced major delays of flooding in San Antonio. 

The kids kept asking “when is it going to stop raining!?”  It slows down everything.  I have new tires on my car but still could feel us hydroplaning (sorry Pap) and had to go real slow through these wet areas.
Once we arrived, it was so muggy and gross outside, so we decided to go to the park near our hotel and check out the pier.  It was so windy there too.
This was a perfect place to unwind and stretch our legs after being in the car for so long.  We got a great room to look forward to sleeping for a good nights rest before hitting the beach! The Omni Bayfront Hotel was very nice!! Someone told Erik that Clint Eastwood was staying there at the same time but we never saw him. 
Next up was our quick visit to the Texas State Aquarium……..

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Anonymous said...

Even though you got a tiny bit of a late start the trip still looks fun! That's crazy about the flooding and storm warnings, eek. We had a lot of rain here and when we had to go over the pass we hyrdoplaned a lot which is not fun. Can't wait to see the next segment of your vacation!

Stacie said...

Traveling with littles can be hard! We have grand plans to leave early for vacation this year, we will see how that works...

Nicole said...

Yeah, rain does slow you down sometimes, but at least it was on the trip down. I can't wait to see how the weather was for the rest of the trip. We planned our anniversary around labor day weekend for that very reason... extra vacation days :)

Sarah Shumate said...

This was a really cool idea...and so brave of you! A road trip with three kids! Funny that you were the one that needed all of the stops! ;o)

I love the picture of the pier with the ominous-looking storm clouds! I know through instagram that you got some sunny days, so I'm glad it didn't rain the whole time!

Emmy said...

Crazy weather! Glad you made it there safely

~ Crystal ~ said...

I love Corpus Christi {and Galveston too}. I can't wait to go back. We have been taking our yearly vacation back to New Orleans (where we lived for awhile and call home) but I always said that when we officially move back there, our trips will change to Corpus Christi.

Krystal said...

Ooohhh looks like fun...I'm catching up on all my reading now - seems like I've been on a road trip but no! LOL And yeah, driving in the rain sucks! Glad you were safe though

Mason's Mama said...

I love Corpus Christi. We normally stay in Port Aransas, but drive to Corpus Christi often. The hotel looks nice!