Still Daydreaming…

Gosh, after talking about my trip from 2006 to Italy and Turkey, I am starting to get the itch to really go somewhere!  When I really think about it, we haven’t been on a trip since our honeymoon in 2007!  I know several families with kids have already started taking family trips and hopefully we can get our act together to find some kind of vacation package that wouldn’t scare me financially or distance-wise. 

I know lots of families take their kids on trips by driving late in the night and just try to recover from loss of sleep during naps or just live on high doses of caffeine! 

Have you seen the deals on the web lately for trips!? I get emails about them all of the time and just wonder if we could handle a family trip with the kids this young.  I’d love it for them to see the beaches, mountains and landscape of the world.  I just would want them to remember it all so they could share in the memories of the great trips we went on!

I’ve seen amazing deals for Disney!! I know my kids would love to go here!!

Or how about a trip to go skiing and learn how to down hill ski on the bunny hills of Crested Butte!

Oh how I would love to see my babies lil’ tushes on the beaches!

I think I might even be able to survive a cruise ship with them! I’ve heard there are great packages for Disney cruises that kids LOVE!

So my goal the next few years will be to start a piggy bank that we can throw money into for future trips.  There is so much of the world to see and I can’t wait to show them all there is to explore!! 

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becca said...

Disney is the best

Connie @ Measured by the Heart said...

we have always traveled with the kids. took a 4 Mo old to Disney. 8 Mo old to Hawaii. Bahamas with a 4 and 2 year old. 3 year old to Mexico and grand Cayman. we road tripped to Disney and Galveston. you can SO do it.

Anonymous said...

Those all sound like wonderful trips!! I would love to take my boys to Disney :D

Krystal said...

You can do it. We used to take trips to Disney every year since we lived so close. Our last family vacation was to Magic Kingdom (Disney), Islands of Adventure (Universal Studios) and Sea World. Some of the best memories ever!! Good times

Mason's Mama said...

I'm really wanting to take Mason to Disney World! Or to the mountains!