Oh Italy…

With the summer months approaching, I got caught up daydreaming about places I wish I could go and then got to remembering that this time in 2006, I was planning a trip to meet Erik in Italy.  Our plans were to meet in Rome while he was on R&R from his deployment with the Army and travel for the two weeks as much as we could. 

We started out in Rome which really deserves a full week or more to get to see and do everything you could possibly want if not longer.  We then moved our way to Florence and a day trip to Pisa and another to Venice.
Venice was everything I could imagine it would be and more!  The colors of the boats that were tied up along the coast line as well as the beautiful flowers that were outside of the homes were so beautiful.  The only regret I have about visiting Venice for 1 day is that we weren’t able to stay there for very long.  If we had more time, I would liked to
find a hotel and bask in the ambiance of the city.  Just look at the beautiful location for Hotel Rialto! Its right there by the infamous bridge!! I am sure there are a bunch of other gorgeous hotels to stay at that are tucked away in the heart of the town but I distinctly remember thinking how cool it would be to wake up and open my hotel window and look out at sun rising over the canal. 

I remember Erik and I sat in the town’s square and watched the pigeons.  These pictures are no exaggeration of how many birds flock to this area.

The streets are so narrow and you can’t help but to examine the housing around the city and see signs that there have been floods from the changing tides.  This city has managed to keep its authentic setting and is one of the places I hope we can go back to in the future.  Perhaps on our 10 year wedding anniversary we can go back to Italy and stay longer in the breath taking Venice.  Here is a summary of our trip to Italy traveling through the different areas and also our trip to Turkey is mixed in.  Have you been to Italy? Venice?  If not, put it on your bucket list!  I’m off to daydream some more!
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becca said...

wow gorgeous trip

Krystal said...

Never been to Italy. Studied in a little town in England called Buckinghamshire for a month. I traveled to so many places London, Trafalgar Square, the Globe Theatre, etc. It was the best thing in the world. I want to travel to Greece, Croatia, Italy, and even go back to England and do as many more sights as possible. Loved the pictures! You too are so cute!!

Connie @ Measured by the Heart said...

Oh man this looks like so much fun! And you guys are too cute for words! !

Stacie said...

Never even been out of the country, this looks like so much fun. What great memories.

Nicole said...

Oh I soooo want to go there! Love the pictures.