My Life in a cartoon

This was a cartoon I stole from a friend on Facebook that originally had over 17k likes and it is so true!! I can relate to every single one of these and they have all happened to me. 

Ryan is probably the king of the cartoon as his sisters are coming in close 2nd and 3rd.  Here are a few short stories of this lil’ dude playing the part very well.
Cartoon #1: Tie my shoe Mom!
This wasn’t exactly him asking me to tie his shoe, but same idea.  Just the other day we were driving home from a birthday party.  Ryan was jumping on the trampoline so much that he scuffed his toe and got a blister.  Ironically, we got Superhero Band-Aids included in his party favor from his friend.  On the way home, he decided we needed to put one of the Band-Aids on that very moment.  This was not something I could do while driving and Erik was in the passenger seat unable to assist either because he has had shoulder surgery recently and his right arm is in a sling.  Ryan had a meltdown on the way home with his shoe and sock off holding a Band-Aid in his hands until we got home.  He got out of the car and hopped towards the door waiting on me to come to his side and put the Band-Aid on.  I went to put the Band-Aid on and did it as gently as I possibly could because you know they think they have lost a limb at this point and at first he was calmed.  Then all of a sudden he broke into another melt down because the Band-Aid was too tight.  “Lord Help me"! I am pretty sure I said aloud as I tried to calm him down to find the edge of the Band-Aid to pull it apart which you would have thought I was peeling his skin off to loosen the Band-Aid. It was already loose to begin with and now with loosening it more, it wouldn’t stay on his toe which opened up another can of worms.   I can’t win.  He tore the Band-Aid off and put his sock and shoe back on as if nothing happened and ran outside to play.  I just look around and think—“Did that just happen?”

Cartoon #3: I can’t reach my blankie!
This has happened so many times that I cannot even count.  Reese is starting to pick up on it as well since we cover the kids up in the mornings at the kitchen table to eat breakfast with their blankies over their legs.  Reese will shout out that her blankie has fallen to the floor and she can’t get it.  AGH!  I do know that Ryan has done a few things which I relate to stalling because I was Queen of Stalling when I was a kid!

All of the kids will be in their beds, tucked in with hugs and kisses and all of our prayers said.  I finally get a moment of silence when I walk down the steps.  I grab a sip of water before sitting down to relax for the night and hear a blood curdling scream coming from Ryan’s room.  I act fast and run up the stairs to his room so that any more outbursts of his crying and screaming don’t wake up his sisters who are very close by in their rooms. 

I bust the door open to find out what could possibly be wrong!?  Here are the few reasons that he has done this.
1.  He is hot and needs his comforter taken off of him.
2.  His comforter that has been pulled down as far as it can is TOUCHING him.
3.  His pillow keeps moving when he turns over on his side.
4.  He needs a tissue (I put 2 boxes right by his head so that I don’t hear this one again)
5.  He can’t stop thinking about Spiders (after watching Spiderman when the spider comes from the ceiling and bites Peter Parker)

Cartoon #4: Can I have a bite of yours!?
Reese is the main culprit of this activity.  She will eat like a bird through most meals at home and I tend to eat after everyone else because if I try to eat with the family, its an up and down situation where I find that I can never actually enjoy my meal.  Someone needs a napkin, more milk, more ketchup, they dropped their spoon, Mackie needs outside, etc.  But it never fails that I am finally sitting down to eat my dinner and Reese asks me what I’m eating.  I pray that when I respond she will say EW!! and walk off, but she always asks for a bite.  Rayne recently did this too and ate every pea off my plate. 

Cartoon #5: Hold Me Mommy!
This typically happens when I am picking the kids up from school.  There’s nothing sweeter than going into the room and your baby girl running up to you to hold her!  I love that sweet look of “I’ve missed you today” and gather up Rayne’s art for the day, her activity sheet, her jacket and then move to pick up Reese in her room.  Rayne doesn’t want me to put her down and Reese hands me her snack that she wants to take with us, her activity sheet, her jacket and then asks me to hold her.  I must look like a crazy person with paper coming out of every finger and 2 kids on my hips.  I lug the two of them and all of our extra belongings down to pick Ryan up from his room to have him ask me to hold his new pet Ladybug that he is keeping in a cup.  While I acquire another item to hold, I have to wait on him to run to another room to show his friends his toy and grab his jacket and make it out the door to attempt to get all 3 in the car without losing something.

The list goes on and on…. its pretty funny to look back on the moments and laugh.

Those are just some of the stories of how well I can relate to that cartoon.  How about you?  Do you have any funny stories that your kids have done to make these relate to you?

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becca said...

that cartoon is the best

Stacie said...

I'm sure that I'll be working on my own list soon enough!

Sarah Shumate said...

Goodness gracious - you have your hands full. Literally! And you're still considering a fourth??? ;o)

Angie said...

This cartoon might be the most true thing I've seen on the net yet! It describes my three children to a tee!

Nicole said...

hahaha I love this! My step-daughter always wants us to look at something or read something while we're driving down the road and I tell her that's not an option. Then the other thing she does is ask me what I'm doing (especially while driving down the road) when she can clearly see so I always give her an off the wall random answer like I'm knitting a sweater or I'm standing on my head in the corner stacking bebe's with my nose :)

Krystal said...

Are we sharing the same life because I can relate to ALL of them...especially the "hold me!" one. I still remember parents night...It was not only me but their father, their step-mother, and their grandmother. Out of the 6 kids I had 2 begging me to carry them, which I of course oblige - that's what 2 sides of the hips are for right? - and then the other 4 handing me drawings, pamphlets, letters, etc. oh, and trying to talk to the teachers at the same time!! What happened to the other 3 adults?!?!

Connie @ Measured by the Heart said...

I get the do something from the backseat while I am driving sometimes. but I am not a hovering type of person and my kids are quite independent.

Mrs. Match said...

lol, too funny. While I can't relate to the kids yet, my husband does some of this stuff to me. ;-) He'll ask me to do things because I "do it better than he does". Lord help me!

Emmy said...

lol! Oh girl I can so relate to all of it!
Ryder is my food stealer-- he even calls himself my breakfast thief.

Alex is for sure the dramatics-- last week she was claiming her leg hurt and couldn't walk was limping etc, crawling even at times. Then about 10 minutes later she was running around like it never hurt.