Batter up!

If you have been around The Johanson Journey long, you probably have noticed that we like to dabble in a bunch of different things with the kids.  I don’t remember as a child being too interested in sports or extra curricular activities other than dance or drill team.   There are so many options for kids to try out just about any sport activity as early as 18 months old.  WHOA!

First we tried Gymnastics (look how little Ryan was!):

Then we tried soccer tots (again, Ryan looks so tiny!!):

Then we tried Lil’ Sluggers Baseball and got interested in hitting the ball with a bat!

And of course gave swimming a try:

We took a slight break from sports when Reese was born but gave soccer another shot- this time it was more of a team setting rather than just learning how to kick a ball.
Ryan didn’t seem as interested in soccer this time around.  So we got into Karate!

Karate was a lot of fun and I think it helped him to gain confidence in himself but I think he was starting to get a little bored with the classes. 
So, we’ve changed things up a bit again!  Ryan has joined his two buddies from his old school to be in youth baseball.  His team is the Giants and so far, he loves it!  This is the perfect sport for him just before he begins kindergarten later this year!
I sure hope this sport sticks!  They sure are cute in their uniforms and running the bases.  Its funny to watch them as they cross home plate because they all want to slide in. 


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Stacie said...

So cute and he is getting so big. I hope E gets some sort of athletic ability, though it won't be from me!

Emmy said...

I think is is so awesome how you have tried so many different things with him; that way he can make sure it is something he actually likes.

becca said...

how wonderful that he is exploring all his option way to go

Connie @ Measured by the Heart said...

these are the things I miss out on having all girls. I do love my girls though

Angie said...

I think it's so important to keep them involved in things like sports and extra activities. My daughter (now 14) has dabbled in a little of everything and I plan on following suit with my younger two!

Mrs. Match said...

Wow, look how tiny he was! So precious. I love watching little kids play sports. They have t-ball at the park across the street from my house and it's so fun to walk the dog around the park and see them in their lil uniforms, running around the bases. I can't wait for when Piglet is ready for sports! :-)

Krystal said...

Sports are great! We placed our kids in i9 sports (I think they are nationwide) that way the cost is low, they play for a season and can dabble in a different sports to see which one they like the most. Princess was hooked on soccer. Bug was not happy with football at all. Looking to see the next session with baseball so he can try that and see how it works. Baby Girl wants to do cheerleading and they offer that too!