These kids! Gotta Love em!

This is a post of just a modge podge of pictures I’ve taken of the kiddos the past week.  Its so hard to get them to all look at the same time and smile.  The fun of it for them is to see how many pictures it takes for Mommy to get it right. 
This shot of the kiddos was taken over the weekend as they helped me with planting some new flowers for the Spring Season.  It was so nice outside (minus the wind) that even Mackie came out to enjoy it!
Then, it was girls night!  Erik took Ryan to his first practice session for Baseball.. look how cute he looked!! His team is called The Giants, so don’t let that Spiderman hat fool you.
So while Erik and Ryan were off have a Father-Son bonding, the girls and I stayed home and had fun.  Here is the shots I tried to get of them.  Reese kept saying “CHEESEBURGER!” and every time I would snap the shot, I think I was mid-way catching her in the BURGER part of the word.  Rayne is always on the move and its hard to keep her still which explains the fuzziness.  You can almost see her saying it!
CHEESE                    BUR                     GER!
I think Rayne just settled for saying “EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZE!!!”
Then the girls always take time to play with Mackie.  It’s the game of “Lets see who can get licked the most!” Followed by, “who can hug her without her moving” game.
Then I tried to take a picture of the kids on the way in to school.  Ryan was clearly embarrassed as some friends of his were walking in and past us. 
{Get used to it son! Its Mommy’s job to embarrass}
Finally, it was my attempt to get the kids together in a group shot to send a picture to our Pediatric Dr. friend for her birthday.  Ryan got a major boo-boo on his knee which you can see him sporting in these pictures and he’s very careful on how he sits while he is holding his sisters.   I just need to remember to turn off the TV because their roaming eyes were catching the latest step of Dora in her journey with Boots on TV.  Still cute, nonetheless!
Happy Weekend Folks!

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becca said...

so cute i just wanted to squish them

Sarah Shumate said...

The girls are so adorable in their matching outfits! I can't wait to see your Easter pictures with the chicks!!

Emmy said...

So fun that you get pictures of all of them together so often-- I really need to do better at that.

Stacie said...

Oh, they are so adorable, and I love the cheeseburger pics!

Connie @ Measured by the Heart said...

your family is so stinkin cute!