{So long taddy}

Today I am sharing the loss of our very first family pet, Taddy.  Well, that’s not actually true.  We had a beta fish long ago that jumped out of his tank and committed suicide but I guess he doesn’t really count. 

Taddy joined our home in February of 2011.  He started off being the classroom pet that the kids got to watch grow from a tadpole into a frog.   Ryan’s teacher at the time asked the kids if anyone wanted to take him home to keep.  I shook my head but Erik agreed and took the responsibility of cleaning his tank and feeding him with Ryan.  The classroom named him and we kept it… it was fitting.

I was looking at pictures from when we cleaned his tank out for the first time.  I can’t believe how young the kids look!! Rayne wasn’t even born yet!  Crazy huh!?
Taddy was a tiny lil’ guy back then!  Erik had Army this past weekend when I was left with the duty to feed the lil’ fella.  I noticed he was just hanging there.  I guess he could have been sleeping for all I know, but I did notice a bulge on his underarm.  I texted a picture to Erik to diagnose him.   Erik said it was just his skin stretched.  I knew different.  I don’t know if it was the remaining air or a froggy tumor.  Gross right? Something was indeed wrong.
Upon Erik’s return home, we checked on Taddy and while he just hung in the water limp we had no other choice than to determine he was a goner.  He let out one last scramble giving us hope that he had more life in him but by last night, he had fallen to the bottom of the tank and hidden under a lil’ house.  We plan to put him in a special box and bury him.  Ryan knows he went to heaven which is a relief that he’s not taking it too hard. 

So long Taddy!  You’ll be missed!  I’m sorry that I’m slightly excited because I will have more counter space now, unless Ryan talks Erik into some other pet to replace him…. eek!

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Myya said...

Awwwweee :(

Mrs. Match said...

aw poor lil froggie. I'm with you-not a big fan of cage or aquarium pets. The tanks require too much cleaning and they usually wind up dirty regardless.

Stacie said...

Poor Taddy. At least the kids are Ok with it.

Emmy said...

Awe that is always so sad for the kids. :(