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Wow! Its already the last week of March and I thought I’d take this day to look back over this month on the things that made me smile.  I’m linking up with EmmyMom’s Ten Things to Smile About!  Also, check back tomorrow and find out how we did this month in our Heartfelt Acts!!

1}  Erik Graduated!!! Erik has been super hero Dad, full time working employee, soldier monthly, amazing husband and if that wasn’t enough, he decided to tackle getting his Masters online with Capella University. For the past 2 years, Erik has been staying up late every night, even on weekends to work on his studies!  I decided to throw him a surprise brunch/lunch.  I invited our family and arranged to have the kids taken to Urban Rio with the help of my folks and Erik’s sister.   When we walked in, they stood up clapping and I said—“SURPRISE!”  He said, “What’s this for?!”  I explained this was to celebrate his great achievement of getting his Masters.  It was great!
2} I won a giveaway from Courtney Marie Jewelry on Facebook! I got this beautiful heart clasp pink leather bracelet!  I don’t usually win things so I was so excited!!
3} I got to buy some flowers to spruce up our front entry of our house.  These rose bagonias are probably my favorite this year.  These are two that fell off somehow in transit but are gorgeous!! I hope they survive as well as the regular bagonias do—they are the best flowers to plant with Texas weather!
4} I got selected for the Blue Print Social Street Team for March and created this beautiful set of coasters using #FAENAMELS.  I just hope they are proud of my final product so I can be selected again in the future.
Spring Coasters by The Johanson Journey
5}  I stumbled upon a new company called Scribble Linen’s and bought my first item!! I can’t wait to use it! It’s a chevron table runner on one side and chalk fabric on the other side.  This is the perfect piece for any get together or party!! I’ve gotta get it in more colors and get the place mats next!  If you love this as much as me, will you go like her Facebook Page and leave a comment saying I sent you?  I get nothing for it but just wanted to let her know how appreciative I am!
6}  I love getting to go to lunch with my favorite friend Courtney.  We went to highschool together, although she was a year younger.  I recognized her at the daycare when I was bringing Reese to school for the first day and reconnected! We’ve been lunch buddies ever since! 
7} Rayne was recently moved up into the next classroom at her school.  She’s surrounded by a few older kids and in the late afternoon, she is joined with her big sister.  She’s learning so much and talking so much more.  Just proud of her!  This picture was taken at the park—its her infamous “Eeeeze” to the Cheese I usually ask her to say.
8} Oh my lil’ Reese-aroo is growing up fast.  She is starting to come up with her own style and I love it.  She found these safety goggles and decided to wear them to school and the next day we wore sticker earrings.  The sticker earrings are hard to see but they are white and black hearts.  She said she felt beautiful!  {melt my heart}
9} Our sweet Ryan.  He’s such a good big brother and has been a big helper around the house.  Erik had shoulder surgery so Ryan is really trying to help out more around the house.  Here he is with his long time buddy Bryce at Lego Land and being a lil’ ham at the dinner table.
10}  I have only done this once but feel like its going to be something I am committed to doing from this point forward (fingers crossed).  Just need to find more “me” time to spend on this treadmill.

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Shawn said...

That table runner is the coolest thing I've seen in forever! I want one, it would be like eating Macaroni Grill every night, minus the delicious bread and Italian butter.

Thanks for linking up with us!

Mrs. Match said...

aww I can't believe how fast your kids are growing up, especially Rayne. I started following you right before you had her, so it feels like she's growing up right before my eyes. Slow down!
I remember sticker earrings. I loved them!
Great job on the treadmill! I am not a treadmill fan, I always feel like it's so much harder than regular walking. Maybe because the miles are actually being counted?

Jill said...

Such a great list of reasons to smile! I LOVE that bracelet you won! That is beautiful, and now I want one! haha!

Your kiddos are adorable... And congrats to your hubby! What an accomplishment! Sounds like he's been a busy guy, hope he can take some time to relax now :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Erik!
Looks like you have a lot of things to smile about :D I love the bracelet, winning is always such a nice surprise.

Stacie said...

Can't wait until Mike finishes his 2nd Masters, just 6 more weeks and then I get him back! Rayne is getting so big! All of the kids are, it happens so fast.

Emmy said...

Congrats to Erik so so awesome! That table runner is so cute! I have never seen such a thing. How fun to have a lunch buddy. Good for you for starting to run it really is so worth it, and I really need to get back to it myself.

Thanks so much for linking up!

Nicole said...

Your kids are absolutely adorable! And you're on the right track with the treadmill!

becca said...

congrats to Erik way to go

Stacy Uncorked said...

WooHoo! Congrats to Erik!! Amazing accomplishment considering his plate seems extra full. ;)

I am LOVING that table runner! What a cool idea!

You've definitely got a lot to smile about for sure! :) And you have such an adorably beautiful family! :)

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Connie @ Measured by the Heart said... get a lot of comments

Impulsive Addict said...

Loooove seeing pics of your adorable kids!

Congrats to Eric! What an amazing accomplishment! I know you're proud of him.

The dreaded treadmill. I like having an option but its completely boring to exercise on it. Don't you agree? Oh well. We're working on our fitness, right? ;-)

ala said...

Hi, Janette! I just came across your blog and I must say – I LOVE the Capella University graduation party you threw for your husband! I am a Capella employee and shared your post and the picture of the beautiful cake with my team. We all loved it! Thank you for sharing your story and being such a great support system during your husband’s educational journey. Keep us up-to-date on how things are going! You can join the Capella community on Facebook and use the hashtag #CapellaGrad on Twitter.

Hannah Brooker said...

Congrats to Erik! All your kids ae growing so fast they're such sweet hearts! Love your reasons this month x