Bored? Lets Play Tag!

The game of Tag has reared its head again on some of my favorite blog sites and I have been tagged.  I think they are kind of fun, especially now that people are tagging in Instagram!  I think we all love to play games so why not!  Heather from Heather’s Happenings tagged me! Thanks girl!

All games come with rules, so lets see which one I shall break?  Teasin! Now one of the rules is to display the award logo but somehow this logo or button has been lost along the way.  So, I took on the challenge and created one from this point forward.  Enjoy!
Blog Tag- You're IT

  1. Display the award logo on your blog: Ahem!
  2. Link back to the person(s) who nominated you: Heather from Heather’s Happenings 
  3. Nominate 15 bloggers for this award: I will try not to nominate others who have already been nominated.
  4. State 7 things about yourself.
  5. Notify those bloggers of the nomination by linking to one of their specific posts so that they get notified by pingback.

{So as you can see, I am ignoring #5… if you’ve been nominated, hopefully you’ll find it when you read my blog… less hunting you down and making you feel all awkward about having to do this too!}

1.  Jessica from Forever & A Day
2.  Emmy from EmmyMom
3.  Sarah from Sarah Shumate Blog {oh, yes I did just put you on this list!}
Salt from the Salty Mom
5.  Gayle from Grace for Gayle
6.  Lindsey from Country Roots City Living 
Stacie from Park Avenue
8. Becca from Everyday Life
9.  Sheree from The Hartungs Blog
10.  Lacey from Charm & Sass

Okay, maybe 1 more rule to break—I think 10 is a totally reasonable number to nominate, don’t you?

{Seven} Facts about ME!

1.  Not that this is something to hide, but with my recent dentist appt. looming, it became clear why I was embarrassed to go.  Never mind that I have failed to go in the past 5 years which I promise to go 2x a year from this point forward, but I was embarrassed for the dentist to see that I…. am a cheek biter.  It’s a habit that I don’t even realize I am doing until I have to open my mouth and show a dental professional.  Turns out, he’s seen worse!

2.  Being fresh from the dentist and keeping with #1, I’m proud to say I have all 32 teeth, yes my wisdom teeth fit nicely so there was no reason to ever take them out and I have never had braces or a cavity in my life.  I do have a filling though from chipping my tooth somehow when I was younger and filled it as a preventative, or maybe the dentist at the time was just looking for a reason to give me a filling and make some money.

3.  If I could do my life over again, I think I would have gone to school to be a meteorologist and be a storm chaser on the side.  I LOVE the thrill of a storm.  I love the excitement and drama it brings.  I never wish harm or damage but I do want to see something amazing!   I’m frequently let down because there must be a space above my home that fizzles out all expected storms.

4.  My goals for the Spring and Summer are to lose weight/get fit, highlight my hair/grow my hair {wishing I had never cut it—please stop me next time}, get a tan and new tennis shoes!  Random, I know.

5.  I live in a constant planning mode.  As soon as one holiday or birthday is over, I am anxiously awaiting the next one.  So with that said, its March and I’m already getting ideas gathered for Reese’s 3rd birthday in June.  I’m also going to be upfront that I’ve already started buying Christmas gifts too. 

6.  When I’m not blogging or playing Mom…. I work full time in the Telecommunications Industry.  I am a Senior Planner with 13 years under my belt… speaking of belts, I also have my Six Sigma Green Belt which is pretty important in the corporate world.  I plan materials for customers like AT&T, Sprint, Verizon and more helping maintain their communication towers using Legacy products and many obsolete.  Its tough work, but somebody’s gotta do it!

7.  I think I am going to take up Genealogy.  I recently had a family member {distant relation} contact me and he is already in the thick of things on my Father’s side of the family which interests me the most.  My Grandmother died before I was born and finding out as much about her and where she came from has always been something I’ve loved.  This side of the family is also pretty consistent with naming children after past family members.  Names like McKinley & Braune are popular among us!  Sounds fun!

That was actually not as bad as I thought it would be!  I encourage you, if nominated to share too!!

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jaime said...

I'm SUCH a planner! I've been planning my child's second birthday, and it's at the end of August. (I even planned his last birthday with colors that I knew I could use for the next few years, depending on various themes!)

Anonymous said...

I get really anxious when I have to go to the dentist, I have a huge fear of them. I had this one who was going to pull a tooth. I told him I didn't feel numb yet and he said he would give me some more "juice". I closed my eyes and that man pulled it. I almost kicked him in the head.

Stacie said...

Thanks for the nomination, of course, I will play along!

P.S. Planning things is so much fun!

SH said...

Oh hey! I'm on that list :)
And I totally agree with your #4: I want my hair to be longer - so bad!

Hope you have a wonderful day :)

The Hartungs Blog

Sarah Shumate said...

First - your button is amazing!! You've got skills!!

Second - I love how I'm the only one on your list that you said that to. Makes me laugh. :o)

Third - I could so see you as a storm chaser! New hobby?

Myya said...

I've never had a cavity either, although I did have one tooth just crack in half & fall out so I just had it pulled. Weird right.

My neice is a cheek biter, we get on her about it all the time. When she was in high school during the basketball games she was the worst.

I'm game for Spring Summer... bring it on I am ready for the cold weather germs to be done! I'm with you on the losing weight thing... man I wish it was easier. Sigh.

You is supppah smart, look at you all corporate with your Six Sigma Green Belt... I have to say I feel dumb not knowing what that is. I think I've been out of the workforce for too long. A big part of me misses it sooooo much!!!

Geneology is soooo facintating to me. I wish I knew more about my family. I hardly have any.

Mrs. Match said...

Love your goals! I have total faith in you!
Wow, great job at the dentist. I go in on Wednesday and I'm really not looking forward to it. I have super sensitive teeth and cleanings really hurt. Much more so while pregnant, uck!

Genealogy is pretty cool. I get frustrated with mine because my paternal grandma doesn't know who her dad was, and then on my mom's side my grandma can't get her facts straight. Doing genealogy projects in middle school was super frustrating!

Jessica McCoy said...

Thanks for nominating me!! HUGS! I love your button!! Hopefully it will spread around the blog world and be famous! :)

I think being a storm chaser would be a lot of fun. One of our meteorologists here in town is a chaser and he is so fun to watch when things start getting crazy.

Someone on Adam's mom's side of the family did a history of their family back hundreds of years. Every family branch has a copy of the binder that they add to as their family expands. It's really very cool to look at.