A nod to animated heroes of the past {Guest Post}

A nod to animated heroes of the past

My first glimpse of the upcoming DreamWorks Animation, The Croods, reminded me of The Flintstones. After all, it does feature a stone-age family, but I think that’s where the similarities come to an end – fortunately. Not that I have a problem with The Flintstones.

Anyway, back to The Croods. The first family to grace the Earth have their sanctuary destroyed and are forced to face the outside world. This sublime, yet silly, story takes on their journey and the adventures that the Crood family embarks on.

Caveman patriarch Grug (Nicolas Cage) has always preached the dangers of what could be lurking outside the cave, so he is on the hunt for a new family home, whilst the others are happy to take life as it comes and broaden their outlook on life.

The Croods’ first look at the outside world is one teeming with magical colors, a stark contrast to the dull and gloomy life inside the cave. Who knew that such colors, creatures and plants even existed?

The Ice Age franchise has proven to be a huge hit with children and adults alike. After four movies it may have had its day, but I think The Croods will pick up exactly where that fourth installment left off.

Although set in pre-historic times, the family are a fairly modern bunch of characters – take the feisty daughter, Eep (Emma Stone) for example. She was already fed up of living the life her father had imposed on the family. She was ready to escape the cave and start exploring just as their home was destroyed – perfect timing eh?

The Croods trailer sums up all that we need to know at this point, but I’m still desperate to find out what the family will get up to on their adventure. With the How To Train Your Dragon co-writer and director at the helm, I hope The Croods lives up to my expectations.

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Anonymous said...

My best friend wanted us to go out and see The Croods with her and her family last night, but we weren't able to.. But we want to go see this movie soon! It looks really cute :D

Emmy said...

I am sure I will end up seeing this movie many times at some point as yea, that is what happens when you are the mom of kids :)