Valentine’s Day recap

What a fun Valentine’s Day!  My work sent out an email a week or so before Valentine’s with a competition for ‘Most Creative Valentine’s outfit’.  I heard there was a prize which automatically gets me interested!  I poked around and tried to google ideas but the only thing that popped up was totally inappropriate for work attire.  I decided to snag a huge box from work and take it home to make my very own wearable Conversation Heart and Box of Chocolates!  I won—actually I tied with another girl. Take a peek!  We also had a coworker make a cupid for us to all stick our heads in for a fun photo opp!


So, lets get to the juicy part of Valentine’s Day!  I have been working on my gift to Erik for a month it seems.  Remember, I got this idea HERE and I really think its one of the best ways to make a holiday like Valentine’s feel extra special and fun!!  I used the labels from HERE which I did not take a picture of but here is how I tried to sort out my gifts.  I used a ton of post it notes and a tablet of paper to arrange the gifts in order.  It was a lot of fun!!
Johanson Journey-Valentine Hourly Gifts
Erik’s gifts went from 7:14AM-9:14PM.  Yes, that’s a LONG, FUN day of gifts to open but you only celebrate this once a year, so why not go full throttle!!  Here is a list of what I gave him!  I tried to be mindful of the times he would be at work and opening gifts that wouldn’t embarrass him.  He’s easily embarrassed and carrying a plain red bag into work was already pushing it.

7:14: Coffee Thermos which he usually takes one on his drive to work.
8:14: Valentine’s Day Card.  I got him one that sang a song.
9:14: A Frame of us together that he can put on his desk at work
10:14: A small box of Conversation Hearts (Sweet tart kind)
11:14: Gift card to Taco Bell (his favorite drive thru for a quick, guilt free lunch)
12:14: Hand written note with Lottery Tickets wishing for him to “get lucky”  (no such luck though bummer!)
1:14: Chocolate dipped Fortune Cookies
2:14: A Chocolate bar with a Kindle Gift Card to download new books to read.
3:14: Marshmallow Peeps (heart shaped)
4:14: Personalized Desk Calendar of the kiddos from
Paper Coterie

5:14: Cologne
6:14: New Belts
7:14: Socks & a Drag Race Shirt
8:14: A Glass Bottle with a scroll inside saying 10 reasons “Why I love you”
9:14: Kindle case/cover with a light

I think the kids had a great morning start and fun Valentine’s to share with their friends!  I used the Free Printables from HERE to make candy bag toppers for each of their friends!  I LOVE this age that Ryan is in because he can write his own cards and they turned out so cute!! Reese only felt like coloring a few of hers and Rayne of course had no idea what was going on. 
We also set out a cute lil’ bear for each of the kiddos to wake up to with cards they had from us, their Aunt and Grandparents!  These little things are what I hope they remember about their childhood and celebrating Valentine’s Day.
I’ll share my gift in the comments section as I have yet to open mine! I was holding off till the end of the day to have something to look forward to! So excited! I do know there’s a card, a cute bear and 2 small little boxes!!   Hope your day was great!

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Tara said...

What a cute and creative Valentine's Day! I'm sure your hubby loved every second...I mean, at work or not, who doesn't LOVE opening presents :) However, I bet the gift giving was even more special!

Stacie said...

I love opening presents, can't wait to hear what was in your 2 small boxes!

Mrs. Match said...

You should have won first prize! Your costume was super creative! Love the Cupid cutout. What a fun office!
Glad you had a nice valentines day. What was in the boxes??

Janette Johanson said...

UPDATE to what I got!!
A sweet lil' bear holding a box with a personalized glass cube that had a sweet little saying on it with our names & a gorgeous heart necklace! Hooray!

Emmy said...

You shouldn't have tied you should have just straight out won!!

Could you sit in your costume? So creative!!

And what an awesome gift for your husband! I am sure even if he was embarrassed at times that he totally loved it.

Connie @ Measured by the Heart said...

First off...where do you work? Sounds like such a fun place!! I totally love that you did gifts throughout the day. I especially love that they were not over the top expensive gifts. Made me think I could so do something like that. Love how down to earth you are!!