Valentine’s Day Mug Swap Reveal

Oh how I am a sucker for a fun swap with bloggers!  This blog swap by Sew Caroline & Rags to Stitches fit right up my alley with their 2nd annual mug swap!

The best part of this swap was that I love the theme and had given up coffee for about 30 days prior to receiving my fun swap with my partner
Stormy from Hello Two AM! Rest assured I’ve welcomed coffee back into my life with open arms!! Hello caffeine!!
{Crystal Light with Energy was keeping me sane while you were gone}.

I was so excited to partner with Stormy!! I just love her name and although she is a new blogger at Hello Two Am, I think she has a lot of great content yet to be shared and a pretty cool family to brag about! 

Stormy was so creative and found an awesome tutorial on pinterest to create my adorable mug! IMG_9030IMG_9031
Inside my mug was an awesome assortment of goodies!
ps. I won the painting you see under the items from the kiddo’s art auction.. It was a painting that Reese’s class made! cute eh!?
I was thrilled to hear that Stormy got her package and loved everything and had a message that she was sending me another box!  I was so excited!! She totally spoiled me and I am still loving all of the fun items!  More chocolate, fun stickers, an awesome gift card to Target—every girl loves to shop and even a sweet treat for Mackie~she loved it too!!
Another fun and successful swap and a great friend too that I gained!! Please stop by and say hello to Stormy, check out what I got her HERE and add her to your list of friends!  xoxo  Thank you so much for an amazing swap!! I can’t wait to do this again next year!!  I am so excited I have a personalized mug to carry me through the year!!! LOVE IT!!


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Living in La La Land said...

Your mug is amazing! You oh spoiled each other with some great goodies(:

Beth W said...

Aw, a personalized cool is that??

Anonymous said...

I love that you loved them all. It was so great to get to know you and do this swap! Coffee is like ... my lifeblood ;) I love how happy Mackie was with her cards. =D

Stacie said...

That mug is awesome!

Lacey_Renea said...

What a cute mug!
This #vdaymugswap was so much fun!

Lacey @ CHARM + Sass

Emmy said...

That mug is beyond cute! She did great. Why did you give up coffee for a month?

Janice Thi Tran said...

So adorb, I love it. Love this! Sending love from New York City, hope you are well. Please follow me! & like me on Facebook ( ! I also recently entered a contest to be ELF Cosmetics new fresh face. Please vote for me here: I so appreciate it! <3