TuTus By TAM {Sisterhood week}

Its already day 3 and if you missed the first two amazing women, you can meet FAITH and ALANA simply by clicking their names.  Don’t forget you can enter every day this week for the entire giveaway!  Simply amazing!

Johanson Journey Sisterhood Week
I’m very excited to introduce you to Tamara! There is no end to the talented women I am sharing this week and I am amazed by each of these gals because they are all raising children and creating amazing products!! 

Tamara is the talent and creator behind Tutus by TAM!  Also a very important note about Tamara is that she is the Chairperson for her local March for Babies which is apart of March for Dimes and is working to raise money for the cause you will read more about below, but you can also find it HERE.
tutus by tam

1. When you were a late teen, early 20's Red Raider, what was your original career ambition? Major?

I Majored in Political Science/English and minored in History with the expectation of going into Law School. I also met my (future) husband my Junior Year. My Senior Year, we went to San Diego, CA for a vacation. It was then, we decided we were going to move to CA after graduation, and I was going to pursue a career in Hotel Sales, instead of Law School.

2. What did you expect when you joined a sorority? Did you envision that these women would still be apart of your life today?

I went through rush with high school friends to see what sorority life had to offer. I didn't know much about a sorority, and a couple of my friends were legacies, so they filled me in on the details. I hoped that I would gain some friendships and a sisterhood that I didn't have the opportunity to experience growing up as an only child. I truly never thought that 13 years after graduation, I would still be in contact, let alone best friends with a group of women I barely knew in 1996/97. 

3. When did you meet your husband? Tell us about your family/children.

I met my husband in Lubbock, TX at Bleacher's Sports Bar & Grill. I was a part-time waitress and full-time college student and he used to come in after his shifts at the hospital. It truly was a relationship built on a very strong friendship first. *He asked me out for 3 months before I finally said yes-after the strong urging of a fellow AXO. That was 15 years ago this May. He's my best friend and soul mate. We have 3 beautiful children. Two boys and one girl. Hunter (7), MacKenzie (5), and Grayson (1). 
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4. When did you decide on your craft? Was there a milestone in life that opened the doors to this or has it been apart of you?

I didn't start out crafty in life. I was always the one that would buy something vs make it (my husband is constantly amazed at the crafty wife he now has). My princess was 3 and wanted tutus and I started searching them, because I was, of course, going to buy one. Once I started searching how expensive they were, I decided I wanted to make them for her. So, I set out to Jo-Ann Fabrics and bought the necessary materials and taught myself. Then, a friend asked for one. Slowly, they offered to pay me...and so it began - Tutus By TAM (Tamara A. Miller, also my nickname, Tam). 

5. What was the hardest part about starting your business? If you were to go back, what do you wish you had done differently to start out?

Getting my name and product out to the public was the hardest part of starting my business, because we had recently moved to Oregon when I started it, and I didn't know many people. Now, there are times I would love to be a little bigger, but then, I also love the fact that I'm a simple, SAHM business. I work when the baby is napping and the kids are at school. If someone is home sick, or other "things" in life come up, it's ok, because I'm small and don't have 30 orders to stress over. I think about how I can expand my business and add items other than tutus, because I know that tutus alone can limit my market-share, which is why I taught myself to sew. I wouldn't do anything differently right now though. I like being flexible, and always available for my family. I can only hope that my fans and customers can understand that as well. 

6. What kinds of things inspire you? Is it a song, a picture or a late night dream?

My daughter inspires most of what I do. Sometimes it is her dancing around the house, or her colorful drawings. Other times it's walking through the fabric store and seeing colors next to each other and thinking about what I could do with them. Mostly, it is her request of what she thinks would looks nice and I would make them. My husband has also been a big supporter of my little business and he has had some great input as well. Support really helps the inspiration process.

7. What is the best reaction you have ever had to your products with customers?

To me, the best reaction is my customers utilizing my products in their children's portraits. Whether it be their newborn photo shoots, or a special moment in time (birthdays, holidays, etc), the fact that they want to include my tutus in the pictures, means that the tutus are as special to that moment in their lives, as it was for me to make it for them.

8. How has 'sisterhood' had an impact on your success?

I wouldn't be nearly as successful as I am if it weren't for the word of mouth recommendations from my sisters, the cross-promotions on their FB business pages, or their words of encouragement when I'm trying to do something new or different. The fact that many of them have purchased tutus from me as well, has also helped.
9. When you aren't being creative and crafty, what is a typical day like for you?

I've got 2 kids in school: one is half-day Kindergarten, one is full-day 2nd grade and then I have a 1 year old at home all day. We wake at 6:30a to get the bigs ready for the bus, then I figure out how to keep the 1 year old occupied and happy, as well as feed him breakfast. I then have a couple of hours each morning when he naps to try to get my crafting/sewing done. At the same time, my daughter comes home, we have lunch and read her books. Then, her brother comes home and we do his homework. Depending on the day, we also have swimming, dance, Cub Scouts, and Soccer.

10. Aside from your day to day life, and your business, is there anything else you are passionate about that you want to raise awareness about?

I'm also very involved in the March of Dimes/March for Babies. I have been for 5 years, since the March of Dimes assisted our family, when our daughter was 9 months old and diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder. I made it my personal goal to continue to raise awareness about their mission and what they do to help babies on a daily basis. In the last 5 years, our Miller Perfusion Family Team has raised over $20,000 in donations. I am the Chairperson for our local March for Babies event in Josephine County on April 27, 2013 and working hard to raise money towards my personal goal of $3,000. I'd love to answer any questions anyone has about how they can help further, or to join the cause.  Click HERE for more info!

11. You are very creative and talented in your own craft, but is there something you wish you knew how to do, that you just don't right now?

I'd love to truly know how to knit. I know how to chain-stitch/crotchet, but not anything super fabulous. I've always wanted to be able to sit on the couch, with my family (not in my craft room alone) and knit a blanket, scarf, sweater, or hat, while watching a movie.

Love it!! Now lets get entered to win one of her beautiful tutus!  Tamara is offering this beautiful paisley tutu to the winner!

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Love a baby in a tutu, so cute!

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Those tutus are so adorable! I've entered the giveaway - my two aunts are pregnant so I'd probably gift them with the winnings :)

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