Stitches of Faith {Sisterhood Week}

Welcome to a fun week of Sisterhood! 
Johanson Journey Sisterhood Week
I have worked with companies in the past that I love to promote but got to thinking about it and realized that I have quite a few Sisters who are successful business owners and my support for them is as if they were blood relatives.  These Sisters I speak of are the ones I gained through our sorority Alpha Chi Omega.  I am going to be spotlighting each sister and interview each of them to give you some background and insight to how they got to where they are today!  The story behind a company always brings me closer and I hope you feel the same!  Everyday you will have a chance to enter and win their amazing products, so let’s get started! 

Meet Faith!  She is the creator behind Stitches of Faith!
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1. When you were a late teen, early 20's Red Raider, what was your original career ambition? Major?

I wanted to be an Anchor and report the news. My major was RTVF.

2. What did you expect when you joined a sorority? Did you envision that these women would still be apart of your life today?

I honestly thought we would just go to parties in college and then forget about each other. I had no idea that these women would stilll be a part of my life. I was hopeful...

3. When did you meet your husband? Tell us about your family/children.

Marcus and I met when we were 14 in HS. I cheered, he played football. Then he transferred to another school the following year. We had the same friends all through HS and even at college. We both attended Tech. But our circles never crossed much. Then a mutual friend set us up and we have been together ever since. We will be married two years and we have a one year old daughter Sailor Kate.
12 month daddy~SailorFaith~Hubby

4. When did you decide on your craft? Was there a milestone in life that opened the doors to this or has it been apart of you?

My MeMe taught me to crochet but all I could do was a line...

I was a smoker and decided to quit and I needed something to replace in my hands. I decided to take up crocheting. FOR REAL this time. As a flight attendant flying during 9-11 the flights were empty so I just asked passengers if I had questions. I sat down with many and crocheted.

5. What was the hardest part about starting your business? If you were to go back, what do you wish you had done differently to start out?

My first show was at SWA headquarters and it was awesome!~ I was so grateful I decided to start a ministry at church to give back as a way to say thank you. Well that too was so successful my business took a pause. FOR THREE YEARS! I guess looking back I wish I had balanced my time and kept my business going...

6. What kinds of things inspire you? Is it a song, a picture or a late night dream?

Anything I see is inspiration.  My favorite though was animals and food. Now its holidays and "dress up".

7. What is the best reaction you have ever had to your products with customers?

Squeals! Thats the best reaction.

8. How has 'sisterhood' had an impact on your success?

My sisters keep my business alive! If it wasn't for their encouragement, orders and love they give to me consistently I would of stopped a long time ago.

9. When you aren't being creative and crafty, what is a typical day like for you?

Being a mommy and wife. And we all know what that entails!

10. Aside from your day to day life, and your business, is there anything else you are passionate about that you want to raise awareness about?

Couponing! hahaha Don't laugh. You can save a bit each trip to the store. I'm not extreme but we are in a recession and my husband has only been a doctor for a couple of years. Every little bit count.

11. You are very creative and talented in your own craft, but is there something you wish you knew how to do, that you just don't right now?

I WISH I could paint AND sing!!!! AND I wish I was a Yoga PRO!

Just love this girl!  Faith is giving away this monogrammed knit hat (adults or child size)! 
Monogrammed Stitch Hat
You can get a head start on entering for all of the weeks giveaways now!


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Jessica McCoy said...

I can't wait to read each weeks post about your sorority sisters! I wasn't very social in college and I think that if I had been a part of a sorority it would have really helped me to come out of my shell more as an adult.

Tamara M. said...

Thank you for doing this and celebrating our fabulous sisterhood & friendship! I'm excited to read everyone's responses too!!

Emmy said...

What a fun giveaway! And so cool that so many of your sorority sisters all have small businesses.

Excited to "meet" the rest!

Stacie said...

Love successful businesswomen! Great spotlight series.