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Last Monday, we took the day off to get the kids rounded up for visiting the dentist.  We also ran out to the Army base to get upated ID’s and both of these took up most of the day.  On our way home from the Army base, I asked Erik if he would be interested in stopping at the SpeedZone.  This is a place that has a few different tracks for go-cart racing, bumper cars and arcade games too.  So, we stopped there for a bit and checked it out.

I really wanted to do the go-karts more than anything so we decided to do the slick track.  We were the only two on the track which I thought would be fun to race each other.   
Truth be told I was getting a little car sick from turning the lap as many times as we did.  I couldn’t figure out how Erik passed me either—and when I say he passed me, I mean that he nearly came up behind me to catch up with me and I started off in first place.  Turns out he never took his foot off the pedal.  I was the careful driver lifting off the gas and turning at a reasonable speed while still sliding around a bit.  I’m not much of a go-kart dare devil I’ve learned.

We were about to leave—we really just were stopping in for a  quick lil’ fun on the go-karts but we saw a few people lined up to do the Drag race against each other.  There was a couple who were doing it and what looked to be a man and his son.  The man was an older Grandpa guy with hearing aides who looked very determined.  I was rooting for him.  I hoped he would turn to look at us watching to give him a “thumbs up!” but he never did.  There were only 4 cars racing. 

There are lights in front of each car and when the light turns green, you are suppose to GO!  The key is to know the timing of the lights and when it will turn green.  You punch the gas and once you get to the orange cones, you press a button to shift and it launches you even FASTER.  The speed goes from 0 to 70 in 4 seconds.  Depending on how quick you are with your gas & shift button.. could make or break you in this race.  It looked fun, so I asked Erik if he would want to try it.  SURE!

I’m feeling so confused on what I need to watch for.. do I press the brake? Do I press the gas full speed?  I was getting so nervous because as we were buckling in, 2 other guys came to race at the same time.  The dude running the race put us both in the cars he thought were best so we weren’t side by side. 
This was my view.. and I felt like I was about to ride a rollercoaster or something with my nerves.

So here we are…. getting ready to go… and Erik looked very focused.  I still felt doubt in the instructions but figured after the first run, I would catch on.
So the lights start blinking in what I would assume is a 5…4…3…2…1 GO type way….. but being so nervous on when GREEN would come, I was anxious and started to press the gas, and the guy next to me must have felt the same way… hence we both FOULED in our scores.
Erik ranks #1 every time.  He is in the farthest left lane and I’m in the 3rd lane incase you are trying to figure out who is who…. note the orange vehicle in the left side of the frame with the arm in the air.. that is Erik cheering for himself.
When you get to the end, the car is automatically stopped, so you sort of yank forward and it reverses you back to the starting point again. 
I haven’t been that scared in a long time.  I am a fast driver in every day life but this almost felt like I was in the movie “Contact” and things were going by me so fast.  I almost felt like my life was flashing before my eyes.  I felt panic and fear and I think my heart might have even stopped in the moment… but some how I managed to make it to the end of the race.
On the way back to do this a 2nd time, I looked over at Erik who was on a pretty happy high from his score of #1… I looked at the guy next to me who fouled and I think he was embarrassed and then to the guy on my right who got 2nd place and when I told him that it was scary, he responded “I’m having a really good time” in a very strange tone.
I pretty much closed my eyes after the green light on the 2nd and 3rd races and pressed the shift button when it felt right but very scary!  I finished in 2nd place on my last run so I felt that I did well despite my fear of dying.

Poor dude on my left fouled out AGAIN on the 2nd run… by this time I was very confident that he was humiliated. 
This was the one thing I’m glad I tried, but will likely never do it again.  I’m just glad I ended on a high note in 2nd place!
Here was a picture of my car… These were SERIOUS machines!! YOWZA!
Have you ever driven a dragster? 

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Myya said...

Oh my gosh that looks like SO MUCH FUN!!!

Stacie said...

I am such a scaredy cat, I would watch, but never do this!

Lauren E said...

WHAAAAAAT!! OMG! They don't have anything like that around where I live or I'd do that in a heartbeat! That looks like a lot of fun. I love how Erik is cheering for himself hahaha. What a fun random pit stop to make on your day off. (Pun not entirely intended.)

Sarah Shumate said...

Wow! Very cool! You are one brave chica! Second place ain't too bad either. I have never, and probably will never, do anything like this. I didn't even know stuff like this existed. I fear for my life just getting on the interstate, so this prob wouldn't be the best place for me. But good for you for doing it even though it was scary!

Mrs. Match said...

That looks like such a blast!! I would love to take Match on a date like that. I'd be super scared too, and I don't do well with corners. I'd have driven just like you. The dragster part looked awesome-that I think I'd love!

ANWAR KHAN said...

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Emmy said...

Good for you for doing it! And that would be freaky-- I think I would be so paranoid about fouling that i would end up in 4th place every time.

Amanda Haney said...

That' looks like so much fun!! I totally would've gotten sick, girl.