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I love flipping through magazines and seeing what my favorite celebrities are wearing and love when they do spotlights on where they bought their shirt, or how they did their hair.  I’m always amazed at how beautiful their make up is and I know they have an on hand Artist with them making them look perfect.  I happen to know a pretty cool make up artist!  Nadia is my cousin’s wife.  Check out this cute family!! So lucky to be related to this crew!
Johanson Journey Nadia Interview
I wanted some inside info from Nadia and sat down with a list of questions.  Let’s get to it!

Johanson Journey- Nadia Lawler Make Up Artist  Interview

1.  When did you realize that you wanted to be a make up artist? 
I actually have my Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice but decided a 9 to 5 desk job was not the place for me.   I always loved experimenting with makeup and doing my girlfriend's when we went out, or they had somewhere fancy to go.  One of my friend's in college got in with MAC and told me what an amazing company it was to work for and that I should do it.  When I moved to Florida I walked up to a MAC counter and told them I wanted a job.  I brought in a model and they had me do a day night and transition it in to an evening look.  Needless to say, I got the job and spend almost 7 years with MAC.  Now, I enjoy doing my own freelance work.

2.  What is your favorite part about doing make up?  My favorite part about doing makeup is the transformation part of it.  It truly is an "art" I can take someone you wouldn't look twice at, and turn them into a bombshell.  I love the quote by Coco Chanel "There are no ugly women in the world, just lazy ones" Add a little mascara and lipstick to a girl, voila! instantly better! I love that I make women feel empowered and better about themselves everyday.

3. If you could do anyone's make up in the celebrity world, who would you love to be the make up artist for? Geez, that is a hard one!  Hmmmm probably Lana Del Ray because she has the most amazing features ever! She has that 1960s era sexpot "look" to her and I love that genre of makeup.
Photographer:  Nicole Nodland

4.  What is the most common question or comments you get when doing a persons make up for the first time? How long I've been doing this, How I got in to this, How to do a Smokey eye properly, How to find the right shade of foundation for them.

5.  What is one thing you wish people knew about applying make up that surprises you when you find out they don't know? Apply your makeup with brushes people!! Lol.

6.  What is the best kind of foundation for someone with oily skin? Powder, Cream, Liquid?  I would say either a matte finish liquid with a blot powder to set (blot powder is translucent and used for oil absorption) or a foundation and powder in one. I love MAC's Studio Fix for oily skin tones! It's amazing.

7.  Are foundation primers really necessary? I love primers.  They have a silicone base and help make the skin's surface appear smoother as well as helping the foundation last longer.  They aren't necessary but really do work!

8.  What are the proper brushes to use for eye shadow? I have my top 3 I use the most.  They are MAC's #224 (for blending), #252 (larger stiffer flat brush used for the lid), and #239 (a small, flat brush for the highlight).
Johanson Journey- Nadia Lawler Make Up Artist  2

9.  How often should you clean your brushes? What is the best method? I clean my brushes once a week with Dawn liquid detergent.  I also love MAC's brush cleanser.  If you want a thorough cleaning, use the Dawn, if you want quick and easy use the brush cleanser.

10. What is your background in the makeup industry? I have been a make-up artist with over 10 years experience in the cosmetic field. I have worked at MAC Cosmetics for over 6 years in the Tampa Bay area. I have completed all levels of MAC certifications.  My background includes make-up for t.v. shows, infomercials, head-shots for models, actors, and business professionals, body building competitions, maternity shots, prom, fashion shows and shoots, bridal makeup, boudoir, and magazines.

11. Why do you love helping people with their makeup? Being a makeup artist is very rewarding, I love transforming women to look and feel their best!! It's an amazing feeling.

12. What is the best way to make lipstick last longer? Use a lip brush to get the rest out of the container!! There is so much more down at the bottom than you realize!

13.  What makeup essentials should every woman keep in her purse? Lipstick or gloss and mascara.
Johanson Journey- Nadia Lawler Make Up Artist  1
14.  If you have normal to dry skin should you use an extra moisturizer during the winter? I would recommend maybe switching to a cream in the evenings and using a lotion in the a.m.

16.  What's your favorite chapstick and lip gloss? Burt's Beeswax and I love MAC's Plushglass and Chanel's Glossimers!

17. Lets be honest, we can't all afford high end make up for every day application... tell me 1 thing you love that you can buy at any local store? Maybelline's Voluminous Mascara

Nadia shared one of her models that was featured in a magazine! STUNNING!

Johanson Journey- Nadia Lawler Make Up Artist  FEATURED 2Johanson Journey- Nadia Lawler Make Up Artist  FEATURED

Pretty good insider information. 
I wanted to pass on that Nadia has her own site where you can see more of her work
HERE.  Also, if you LIKE her Facebook Page HERE, you will get updates and a chance to win a FREE MAC product give away full of fun surprises. 

Tell her I sent ya!  Do you have make up tips?  Questions for Nadia?  Leave me a comment and maybe we can have her guest stop here again for more insider info!

Thanks Nadia!! You are beautiful and I can’t wait for you to do my make up when I see you.  I also need to hit you up for doing my hair!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the fabulous tips and I'll check out Nadia's site for sure!

Stacie said...

I am a total makeup fail...I'm pretty vanilla, and just don't take much time to do more than the basics. But I do use that Maybelline mascara!

Sarah Shumate said...

Gah...I really wish I could make myself look like that. I mean, not every day, just every once in awhile. That's talent! Do they have classes for the makeup illiterate? :o)

Next time she guests over here, you need to have her do your makeup and post the picture here!

Jessica McCoy said...

I love all the tips!! I agree with Sarah ... have her do a makeover on you and lets see the before and after! Go full scale glamour. :)

Heading to Nadia's sites!

gayle t. said...

Hi Janette! Thanks so much for linking up! :) I absolutely LOVE this post! The best tip I think are the brushes, I will have to invest in better ones. So glad she listed them out. And, I already use Maybelline Voluminous mascara -- I'm doing something right! :)

Again, so glad you linked up, hope to see you again next week! Love your blog. :)

Gayle | Grace for Gayle

Julie Maloney said...

Few people I know love makeup more than I do. I'm always looking for new ways to do my eyes and I can't even leave my bedroom without having gloss on. LOVE IT!

WhisperingWriter said...

Awesome. I so wish I knew how to put on makeup. I have no clue what I'm doing.

Emmy said...

How awesome! It would be so great to really know how to apply makeup. For me it is like my clothes- I feel like I do a good job, just not a great job, something is always missing or not quite right.

Stacy Uncorked said...

She is so talented! I've always wondered about the talent behind the beautiful faces. :)

Dissed by Nemo, Princess Nagger the Actress and Art Winner, Jack Frost is a Deer

Beth W said...

Thanks for sharing this! I'm one of those lazy women, but I also have no idea how to get a foundation that matches my skin tone and is applied such that it looks natural. People talk about shading and contrast to make cheekbones look higher and whatnot, and I am just LOST. I need a makeup artist like her to show me what to do, with products that look natural on me. Maybe I should check out the MAC counter...

Lauren E said...

This is so cool! I am pleased to find out that I have both of Nadia's make up essentials in my purse. I don't go anywhere without gloss or mascara. I wish I had a make up artist in my family! I do have a hair stylist though and that is definitely pretty awesome too. :)

Her family is gorgeous as well!