Welcome back for a 2nd day in our Sisterhood week!  If you missed the first day, you can meet Faith HERE.  
Johanson Journey Sisterhood Week
I am so proud of each of these women and how talented they all are in their own way. 

I’d like to introduce you to Alana who is another busy Mom and creator of Alana Lilie Designs!!Alana
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1. When you were a late teen, early 20's Red Raider, what was your original career ambition? Major? I switched majors literally 6 times, but still managed to graduate within 4 years somehow!! I originally wanted to go to physical therapy school, then I realized that I liked my social life a little too much and realized that I needed to switch majors (a few times) I ended up graduating with a Bachelor's degree in Human Development Family Studies. I came back to Austin and sold television air time for about a year and then decided that I loved making the money I made, but realized that I wanted to go back and teach school...I have been a Special Education Teacher for Austin ISD for 12.5 years now. I work with students on the Autism Spectrum and Emotional Disturbances.

2. What did you expect when you joined a sorority? Did you envision that these women would still be apart of your life today? I joined AXO and expected to have friends when I got out of school and luckily Facebook has been a great way to keep in touch with everyone!

3. When did you meet your husband? Tell us about your family/children. I met my husband through mutual friends at the Austin Rodeo, even though our Mom's like to say that they set us up! See, Nathan went to TX Tech University too. I even went to his house and played pool at school but never met him. His Mother was the principal at the school my Mom was the Speech Pathologist at. They got together one day and decided to introduce us...His Mom apparently slipped him my phone number at dinner and told him that he needed to meet me.

Of course he never called and I pretty much wrote him off...A few weeks later I was out at the Austin Rodeo with my friends and sisters and noticed a cute guy watching me from afar...a friend brought him over and introduced him to me. My mouth dropped open and the first thing I said to him was "Oh hi! Nice to finally meet were suppose to call, and you never did, and why is that?" I had "liquid courage" at that point. He told me that he didn't want to call and say "Hi my Mom told me to call you" and so I forgave him and went on a date with him the next week. It ended up that we had MANY mutual friends and had crossed paths MANY times at Tech. So strange how that works! 
We married Nov. 2004 and have 2 beautiful little girls ages 6 & 2.

4. When did you decide on your craft? Was there a milestone in life that opened the doors to this or has it been apart of you? I have always LOVED crafting! I remember making jewelry out of anything I could as a young girl. I have always looked at jewelry and tried to figure out if I could re-create it. I have always wanted to learn to solder and cast silver, the problem is that I couldn't afford to learn those skills and buy the tools to do it! Then I discovered Precious Metal Clay! I taught myself how to make the jewelry I had sketched out for years with this medium and through many failed attempts I finally created a piece that I loved and it actually looked good. When people saw the jewelry I was making, they wanted some and so I developed a website to sell it on...and Alana Lilie Designs was born!

5. What kinds of things inspire you? Is it a song, a picture or a late night dream? My family and my world inspire me...I dream often of designing a certain piece that someone discovers and I all of a sudden become famous and everyone wants my jewelry! Oh if only....

6. What is the best reaction you have ever had to your products with customers? I think that the best reaction I have gotten is "Oh my gosh how cute!! I want one! Where did you get that?" and then I get to tell them that I made it and I can make them one too!

7. How has 'sisterhood' had an impact on your success? Stephanie and I first started out making dog biscuits and selling them and that was fun! We should have continued the business because as soon as we stopped doing it about 3 dog biscuit companies started up in the Austin area! I kicked myself for that one! At least I knew that I could start another business after that....

8. When you aren't being creative and crafty, what is a typical day like for you? I wake up daily at 5:45 am, jump into the shower, get dressed, make lunches, wake my 6 year old up. Grab a cup of coffee and run out of the door to school. I teach Special Education for Austin ISD. I work at an elementary school and work mainly with children on the Autism Spectrum and with Emotional Disturbances. I then grab my 2 year old from my Mom (I'm so blessed that my Mom keeps my 2 year old for me each day!) I come home, make dinner, help 6 yr old with homework, eat dinner, give baths, put kids to bed, BREATHE, then study for my grad school course (I am going back to school to get a Masters in Education Administration), then I go into my "office" cave and start playing...I can spend hours in there making new jewelry! I make myself go to bed so that I can do it all over again the next day...I'm tired but it will be all worth it one day when I "hit it big", right??! ;-)

9. Aside from your day to day life, and your business, is there anything else you are passionate about that you want to raise awareness about? I am passionate about helping people with mental health concerns...especially after the recent events our Country has gone through. I am still trying to figure out how I can help by using my craft. I have started a charity charm part of the business where I donate back money to a charity when a charm is sold. This has gone well and I am looking to expand this. I also love animals and the outdoors.

10. You are very creative and talented in your own craft, but is there something you wish you knew how to do, that you just don't right now?  Hummmm.....well, I really wish I knew how to market my jewelry and get it into major stores! That would be a dream come true! I would love to hit it big and become a jewelry designer that people knew! If you have any suggestions please let me know!

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I've entered the giveaway - fingers crossed!

Hope you're having a wonderful day!
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Love the how they met their spouse questions as I always love knowing that. And yes, how fun to make something that others ask about and want for themselves.

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That owl necklace is too, too cute!