As a full-time working Mom, cooking is not #1 on my list of things to do each day.  To those of you who have time to make meals from scratch, I applaud you but for me, its not that easy. 

First thing every week day, we are up at the crack of dawn and Erik has agreed to put something out for the kids for breakfast to give me a little extra time to get ready (bless his heart) and yet I’m still the last one out the door.  There is little time to do much more than pop some eggo’s in the toaster and heat up some ham or bacon.  Half of the time they don’t eat it anyway.  The moment you change the spread, you hear “I DON”T WANT THAT!!! I’M NOT EATING THAT!!!”  mainly from Ryan and then Reese picks up on it and pushes her plate away.  Rayne thankfully has not yet started to express her opinions.

Lunch is taken care of by their school and I’m sure they are receiving the best nutritional meals and snacks the entire time they are there.  They also give the kids an extra bonus breakfast which takes a little stress off what they did not eat before leaving the house. 

And then there’s dinner.  There is a window of time from getting the kids home and beginning our nightly routine to make dinner.  This window can be anywhere from 15 seconds to 20 minutes depending on the mood of each of our kids.  Snacks are typically not used to hold them over because we have seen them turn a snack into dinner and then refuse to eat at all… it’s a hit or miss.

So this year, I’ve decided to try to make more meals at home that are not quick microwave type meals.  My first attempt occurred on New Years Day.  Perfect timing for starting something new.

I was so excited to fire up my crock pot and have our dinner simmering all day.  We were having roast!  I also had potatoes and carrots cooking along with the roast and made some extra veggies just incase.  Since it was New Years, Erik suggested we have black eyed peas and I just made regular peas for those who are picky myself.  I also baked up some croissant rolls and everyone had milk.  Aside from the lack of dessert, this was going to be the best meal EVER!!  I could literally use the words, “I’ve been cooking ALL DAY!”

Then it was dinner time.  Ryan peeked in to see what we were eating.  The smell should have given it away but he asked anyway.  Excitedly we both say ROAST!!

An immediate FIT occurs.
  I’M NOT EATING THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I shake my head and do what any sane mother would who has been slaving in the kitchen all day—and say, we are out of nuggets and you’ll love this roast! 

“I WANT SMILEY FACES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

So, Erik and I do the next best thing—we SMILE as big as we can and say—these are the only SMILEY faces you get. 

We prepare everyone’s plates and sit down to eat.  Ryan is very upset… there are black spots on his black eyed peas.  There is a darker brown spot on the edge of his croissant roll that he thought was disgusting and all of a sudden potatoes were disgusting. We suggested dipping it all in ketchup but that didn’t even work.

Reese barely ate anything except she did eat some roast.  Ryan went to bed mostly hungry.  Rayne was a trooper and tried everything.

Fast forward a few meals which included spaghetti and chicken tetrazzini which were warmly accepted to last nights meal of pork chops, mashed potatoes (fresh) and corn.  Yet another melt down and as I sit down to review what I could have done differently—I just ask myself- Why do I even try to cook?  Erik says they just aren’t used to it—hah.. thanks Babe.  I think the negative feedback is harder to swallow than the food itself. 

Rayne is so easy and happy.
Ryan is less than amused.  Note that he did NOT want the roll anywhere near his plate.
Reese has just gotten used to smiling for pictures and actually ate a little bit.  Mostly of her fruit cup shown in her hand.
And then there’s Mackie.  I can always count on her because she is the happiest when the kids are unhappy with their food.. She knows this means MORE for her! 
Erik is always an easy person to please when it comes to dinner…
I’ve just gotta work on my picky people.

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Emmy said...

Oh girl I am right there with you!! I have come to hate the phrase "what are you making?" as I know it will be immediately followed before- but I don't like that! Before it is even on the table.
Thankfully Eric loves food and is very appreciative otherwise I think at times I would give up on cooking all together!

Heather said...

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Jessica McCoy said...

I feel your pain. Although I only have 1 picky eater (Adam) you have 2. At least Rayne is young enough to just eat whatever you give her and that she doesn't give to Mackie.

Hopefully if keep at it they will learn to like the good foods. It will be way better for them. Even if you do go crazy in the process.

Proud of you for cooking so much!! :) Stay strong!! HUGS!