"Love your neighbor as yourself" Matthew 22:37–39

Those are such powerful words that I feel are fitting for sharing an idea that Emmy and I have been thinking about since late last year.  We thought about creating a meme that everyone could join but then thought maybe there were already plenty of meme’s out there?  How could we be different?  After Christmas of 2012, Erik, the kids and I took part in our first Angel Tree experience as a family.  The act of giving to someone made me feel so good inside.  I think Emmy and I can both vouch that doing things for others is one of the greatest gifts of all! 
Heart Felt Acts with Emmy and Janette
We decided we would try to do a Heartfelt Act every month of 2013.  We googled many great ideas and put together a calendar of ideas for both of us to try.  In a grander scale, we thought it would be awesome if we could engage the blogging community from California (where Emmy is from) to Texas (where I’m from) and involve people from all around the United States and if we could spread it further, it would be a bonus! We decided we would create a button and each month we will post about the Heartfelt Acts we performed.  The hope is to learn from it, witness how it makes others feel and of course enriching our hearts too and sharing it with you. 
Heartfelt-Acts-Emmy Janette Button
To see the schedule, please click HERE and the button will be on both of our blogs at all times to be clicked on and take you to the schedule.  There are many more ideas than what we have listed here and if you feel driven to do something out of order or that is not listed, please do!  We hope to generate enough excitement to begin our meme to link up with us.  We are looking forward to making 2013 a year of Heartfelt Acts.

There was a video shared on Facebook that is beautiful and is the perfect display of what we are hoping to do. 

Looking forward to hearing about your year!

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Emmy said...

I am so excited for this. I think it really is going to be an awesome thing. I like your intro a lot

Emmy said...

I am so excited for this. I think it really is going to be an awesome thing. I like your intro a lot

Jessica McCoy said...

I think this is such a GREAT idea and I can't wait to read all of the stories that this inspires!!

I absolutely LOVE that video. I have seen a very shortened version of it on TV but the full video is so great. It's amazing how one tiny thing that seems so small can cause such a chain reaction.

Stacie said...

Great idea--can't wait to teach Elise about giving to others!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful idea!! I am checking out the schedule now :D

Myya said...

Such a fantastic idea!!!

Russo said...

Your blog always makes me happy and I learn new things too. Thank you!