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Johanson {35}

My blog friend Jessica, from Forever and a Day, and I have been scouring the web for fun holiday gift ideas. One of them struck us both as one of our favorites thus far!  We have been back and forth several times trying to think of gifts we could give and ways to work this for people in our own lives with birthdays or holidays coming.  I had no idea she would use the idea on ME!  So, I felt I should share my Gift an Hour from Jessica totaling 7 gifts that is published at 5pm.  You can refer to the original site where we found this idea HERE.

My gifts from Jessica began at 10:29am and went through till 4:29pm.  The reason for the 29th minute was because that was the day of my birthday.  If you decide to do this, use the day of your special celebration to use as the minute.  SO FUN!  We both work and are able to skype during the day when we get a moment and I was able to share my excitement with each gift as my day went by!   The excitement of knowing there was a gift waiting for the next hour was more than I could take but because I love surprises, I remained strong!  I think she felt a little bit of excitement too waiting for each hour to come for the next one!
Johanson Journey Gift an Hour Idea

Super cute gray and white polka dot scarf!!! I loved how she put a note with each gift!! One of my favorite colors too!! Its classy and cute!

I got too excited and forgot to take a picture of this one wrapped but it was similar to the rest so you get the idea.
Fun nail polish, lotion for work because the soap always dries my hands out and I forget to bring some from home and clippers.  The note says “for some pretty fingernails and toes”  Too cute.

Oh, she knows me too well!! I got a gift card to Hobby Lobby!! Look out!!

Super cute Hallmark book that is the Girl’s Guide to men, fashion, diets and other disasters.  I got caught up looking at the funny cartoons in the book and this one was right up my alley!

I always have a hankering for chocolate!  I got some dark chocolate which I love and especially love that I have these at work and can put them in the freezer for a lil’ snack when I need it!

Oh another favorite of mine!!! I can hear the White Chocolate Mocha calling my name as I type this.  What’s your favorite? I also love their Carmel Macchiatos! Can’t wait to get my Venti sized coffee!!

4:29  {Jessica said this was the best and I was dying for 4:29 all day to come!!} 

Well I have to tell you all that this is hands down one of the best gifts EVER!! It was so thoughtful and unexpected and beyond exciting!! I know Jessica probably got tired of hearing me say thank you throughout the day but I loved every 29th minute!  The sad part is that its over…. but now that I know how I feel when receiving something like this, I know this is going to be my GO-TO gift for future surprises!!
Best idea ever. Thank You again Jessica!

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Emmy said...

That is the cutest thing ever! What an awesome gift (or gifts she gave you)-- and that is so great for those you may not know what to get as you usually can figure out little things anyone would like.

Amy MerryModernMom said...

That's just awesome!! Way to go, you too!! Jess---- you did good, girl!!

Amy MerryModernMom said...


Stacie said...

This is such a neat idea--the hubs really likes to stretch out his birth month, so he would love this.

P.S. I would not dare put delicious chocolate in the freezer at my work, we have food thieves!

Nicole said...

Oh My goodness how sweet is that!!!

Anonymous said...

That is a fantastic idea! I love all he gifts.

Myya said...

What an awesome friend & how GREAT are all your gifts!!!

Ok so we DEFINITELY can be friends... Starbucks... white mocha & carmal macchiatos are my top 2 choices too. AND chocolate absoutely belongs in the freezer! MMMMM!!!

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Mrs. Match said...

That is such a caring and thoughtful friend you've got there! Love all the gifts too. What a great idea!

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