Friday Rewind

Thank goodness for having a phone that takes pictures!! I was looking through them and thought I’d post some that I’ve taken in the past week or so.   Lets take a look back at what’s been going on through pictures! Remember these were all taken with my phone so quality might not be 100%.. which just reminds me to carry my real camera more often (note to self)…..

My cousin Jennifer came through town on her way home and stayed with my folks.  She has 2 sons, William the older one in front and Ben sitting with Reese in the Batman shirt.  They started off playing solo and by the time I was ready to go home… William rushed into the kitchen and said to Jennifer, “Mom, we’re having the BEST time!”  I was relieved and thought it was so sweet!
We ran an errand last weekend to Stonebridge Mall where they have a merry go-round.  We got coins for each of the kids to ride and I planned to sit out and take pictures watch.  When it came time to get on the ride, Reese did NOT want to go!  So, we walked over to the line where people were waiting to buy coins for the ride and gave our extra coin to a Mom we saw digging for change.  It was our Random Act of Kindness start to the New Year.  Meanwhile, Ryan and Rayne rode with Daddy and Reese and I hung out on the side lines.
Ryan got a hair cut and was lookin’ mighty handsome!  He’s got his proud apple sucker there too!  He likes the spiked look in the front… since I won’t let him do another Mohawk for a while.
It was such a beautiful day outside, so we decided to practice on the skateboard that Santa brought Ryan.  He’s loving trying to balance on it.  I thought I’d try too.  It was fun!

We were having a lot of fun in the sun! I love how the sun shines through Rayne’s hair. Ryan is so good with his sisters!! He makes me so proud!

Ryan had a few friends come over to play too! We have a bounce house that a friend gave us- it’s a tad too small for them all but they found a way to still have fun with it.  Notice how it can’t really stand up to 4 big ole kids? 
I’m THAT Mom who always asks for the kids to get together and smile.  I am lucky they listen and do it for me.  I think these are great memories of their childhood with our neighbor friends.IMG_8331
Finally got Reese to get a jacket and a hat on because it was getting pretty chilly and I just have to stop and admire her because she is SO DARN CUTE!
Erik and I switch up the nights during the week when we take Ryan and Reese to Karate and on my night, I got to stay back with Rayne and get extra love and hugs with her.  Melts my heart!! She has finally learned to close her mouth instead of coming at me with jaws and teeth!  Love these kids!! So lucky!
Have a great weekend!!

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Myya said...

It's sad that I always have my phone handy but then again I take more pictures with it then I ever do with my real camera. Fun pictures. I love the one with Reese in the hat, soooo adorable!

Mrs. Match said...

I love that you remember to snap pictures. So many people forget. These are awesome! Your house looks like the place all the kids want to be at.
Your kids are so cute! I love their blonde hair and lil button noses!

Anonymous said...

I love that you remember to take pictures of everything! I try my hardest to do that too. I don't ever want a moment to go by unnoticed.
Looks like your kids had a wonderful time!! So busy! :D

Stacie said...

I love all of the pics, especially Rayne giving you kisses!

Emmy said...

That shot with the neighborhood kids will be one you are so glad to have many years down the road as it will be fun to look back and remember. I too am guilty of just always shooting with my phone most of the time. Need to bust out the real camera.
Looks like a great day