Dear Rayne~

We are in the last week before you turn 16 months officially and I thought I’d mark the 15month milestone before it passes us by.  The picture shown below was taken of you today at the Dr’s for your 15month check up.  I loved taking pictures of you carrying my purse and waving my keys around in your other hand.  The only thing you were missing was my cell phone which you have truly mastered putting up to your head as if you are talking to someone.  In this picture, you are saying “CHEESE”, except more of the “EESE” is coming out.
Rayne 15 month check up
You are growing up way too fast.  As of today your stats are as follows:

Weight: 24lbs which put you in the 73% percentile.
Length: 32 3/4’ which put you in the TALL category in the 95% percentile.
Head Circumference: 18’ which measured you with a lil’ bitty head in the 39% percentile.

All of those numbers add up to C.U.T.E!

Favorite words:  ME & Mommy!  I love that you say Mommy all of the time.  Daddy however, would like to get a shout out every now and then but I think you like to push his buttons.  You are actually using the word “ME” for your paci which I think is rather cute but you also will refer your milk sippy cup as your “ME” as well.   You have mastered “Bubba” and are working on saying “All done” and today you made the Dr. feel very special as you said “Hi” with a wave until he turned to look at you.  I think I counted that you said it 6 times as he washed his hands and was getting read for our visit.  He called you “Chatty”.

Favorite foods:  Right now you are pretty open.  I love that about you.  You are my least judgmental child and I can put most anything in front of you and you are happy.  You eat like a bird for the most part but you are the combo of Ryan and Reese.  You love chocolate which Ryan hates and you love bread which Reese dislikes.  You love your milk and have the sippy cup and straw sucking down pat!

Favorite things about you:  You are a great sleeper.  You will often times sleep as long or longer than your brother and sister.  You are an amazing cuddler and I love your stinky feet.  You are precious when you pick up a blanket or a baby and hold it up to you as if you are cradling it and loving it dearly.  You are walking very well and running, however you run and walk sometimes like you are drunk on milk.  You love climbing stairs and throwing random items into the bathtub, especially when its full of water.  You also love to go in the bathroom and pull the toilet paper apart or you are grabbing for the plunger.  You love to hug on Mackie and feed her all your food even though you get upset when she actually eats it from your hands.  You are just a sweet lil’ Rayne Bow and can’t wait to see how you grow through this year!


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Stacie said...

She is so stinkin' cute! I hope Elise will be a good sleeper and eater.

On another note, how is it possible that your other 2 don't like bread or chocolate?

Jessica McCoy said...

I love that you call her Rayne Bow ... too cute! I still can't believe Ryan doesn't like chocolate! Crazy child. Can't wait to see all that is in store for 2013 for your family!

Mrs. Match said...

Drunk on milk! That cracked me up. Babies are like tiny drunk people aren't they? So entertaining to watch :-) Love her lil face. Wow, 95 percentile! She doesn't take after her birthday twin in the height department at all! Though I was the tallest girl in school til everyone hit puberty. ;-)

Emmy said...

She is so so adorable! And yea for a good sleeper- that really makes everything else a bit easier. The older she gets the more of split between the older two she will be as she will be picking up things from both of them at all times :)

Lauren E said...

She could not be any CUTER! What a fantastic smile! I love that she's so chatty and friendly. She sounds like such a sweet little girl. :)