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{Part 3}

Needless to say, my email went out and I never heard another word.  I think about this daily.  It is an internal battle that I fight and a life lesson indeed.

I imagine that we all have an angel on one shoulder and a devil angel on the other. 

The devil angel whispers a lot of great vengeful thoughts and ideas.  You know this devil angel is very tempting.  How can I make PJ see what she has done to me or my children?  How can I let her get away with this? 

{shaking my head and shrugging my shoulders}

I can’t win.

I can’t do anything that will ever show PJ how she has made me feel.  My struggles mean nothing to her.

PJ alone holds the answers.

I will never know the reasoning.

Maybe PJ felt entitled to the money.  Maybe she felt like she earned it for being a friend for 7 years over my nearly 35 years of life with my Popop. 

But there is just no understanding why she couldn’t be honest when I asked the 1st time.  Do you know who is on the TOD?  All she had to do was say, “Yes, Janette.  I do.” 

Because now that PJ has the money—it means she knew.  She would have HAD to give him her social security number to be on that form. 


She filled it out herself and in my Grandfather’s weakened state of mind, he signed it not knowing what he had done.  After all, he was TRUSTING her with his bank account to write his bills. 

I can only surmise that she forged the document.  There is no way my Grandfather wanted PJ to have his LIFE SAVINGS.

So, the Good Angel wins.


Because I am better than that. 
I am not a criminal.
I am loyal.
I am honest.
Lowering myself to harm her or her family only makes me as evil as she has proven to be.

I only pray each night that justice is served.  Maybe not in this lifetime.  Maybe God has something else in store for me and my family and maybe she needed the money more than me or my children.  I just keep hoping that some how I’ll understand and gain a sense of peace.

So my final note before I move forward is to Thank You for reading my story.  I hope I have opened your eyes in someway to help.  I never wanted to believe there were evil people in the world, more over  I never wanted to believe I would ever come in contact with one of them.  I will protect myself and my family better and I hope you will do the same. 

When I love and give trust to someone, I do it with my whole heart.  I am sad that I have to guard myself from this point forward before I can give away my trust.   I just hope that I was the only and last victim that PJ encounters.

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Dee said...

I can't even begin to imagine the anger and hurt that you're feeling. I'm angry just reading it. I'm so sorry that you've had to go through all of this, being betrayed by someone you truly trust is something that is never easy to get over and let go of. Have you thought of filing a lawsuit against her?

Stacie said...

I, too, have been burned in the past by offering full trust. It is a hard lesson, but there are still good people and I try to remind myself of that. Have you thought of any legal action?

Lauren E said...

Oh my gosh. :( I just got all caught up with everything and I don't even know what to say. You have handled yourself with more grace and class in this situation than I ever would be able to.

I want to say lawsuit, but if your grandfather signed off on legal documents, I'm not really sure what could be done. She sounds like a total con artist though. She was probably married to her first husband for money as well. What an ugly person she must be. I'm so sorry this happened to you and your family. ::hugs::

Emmy said...

And that is what sucks the most-- the fact that you have had to learn the hard way that we have to be guarded and untrusting even at times. It sucks that it is that way. I so wish she was reading all of this and finally did the right thing.

Laura / The Shed, Pet Scribbles, Socks for Sandy said...

I'm so sickened by this story, and can only imagine the depth of anguish you've been feeling over this entire situation. You are a very giving person, and I'm sure you opened up your heart and home to PJ without even a thought to do anything else. I am so sorry. I do believe that was goes around, comes around, even if it takes a lifetime. Karma, and all that. I just hope that she has a change of heart - maybe she will read these posts? - and that she realizes this money was to help with your children's future. Sending you hugs...

Pary Moppins said...

Sadly this sort of thing happens more than I would like to mention. I have had it happen in my family on both sides and even in extended family. It's a helpless place but knowing that you have chosen a high road (however difficult that seems at times) will be graced by God's goodness. You'll continue to walk in a "Blessable place" as my dad says. Prayers for your family during this time.

Anonymous said...

I read the entire thing before commenting, and i have to say I was really hoping that this PJ had a change of heart, contacted you and you were able to see the good in everyone (even her) again. Maybe we are too much alike, you know - with seeing the world as mostly good people, with a few bad seeds thrown in. But hey. You learned. You lost, but you learned. I am sure poor Poppop didn't realize what he had done. I am sure he was a sweetheart like you - and that would have broken his heart.

Your a far better person than I. Pj'd have a back of beans upside her head quicker than you could spell PJ. <3

Jaime said...

Oh my. That is truly a Dateline story. You are a better person than I.