{5x7=35} Birthday week day 1

I am not typically the kind of a person who makes a big deal about their birthday.  Sounds kind of crazy especially if you know me and how I love to go nuts with my kids for theirs… you might think I do the same for my own.  Truth be told, I tend to try to silently pass the day without anyone noticing.  But, this is a New Year and I’m going to make the change now.  After all, I’m about to turn 35 {tomorrow, 29th} and I feel like celebrating!
Johanson {35}

Today I am sharing 5 categories with you with 7 fav’s each which ultimately equals 35!  Ready!? 

{Blog Favorites} – New Places I’m loving
Johanson Journey New Fav blogs
1. Lauren: Salty Mom
2.  Alissa:
Rags to Stitches Blog
3. Amy:
Amy Cornwell Blog
4. Heather:
Setting for Four
5. Laura:
The Shed
6. Crystal:
Masons Mama
7.  Stephanie: Vintage Modern Wife

{Facebook Page favorites}- You should like these too!
Johanson Journey Favorite FB Pages
1. Courtney Marie Jewelry
Very Jane
Ja’ Dior Couture
Pick Your Plum
Forever & A Day
The Johanson Journey  (I can promote my page too right?)

{Instagram Favorites}
Love looking at the world through eyes of pictures!
Johanson Journey Favorite Instagramers
1. Measured by the Heart
2. The Lou Lou
3. Erin Sweetness In Itself Blog
4. Laderalady
5. TheVSpot Blog
6.  Emmy Mom
7. A Night Owl Blog

{ETSY Favorites}- best place in the world wide web! Johanson Journey Etsy Shops
1. We Three Bees
2. Embellish Boutique
3. I Love It All
4. Tessyla
5. Elm Studio
6.  Three Bird Nest
7. Girl In Air

Top Posts of All Time {well, 5 years worth}
Johanson Journey Top Posts

1.  Okay, I’m crafty sharing my friend in real life’s baby shower:
Minnie Mouse Party & Recipe where I shared Reese’s 2nd Birthday Party

Smack Me! When I was feeling Puppy Fever!
puppy fever
Silent Auction ~Turner Family Part 1 Writing to raise money for a blogger in need.
Show Us Your Plum Contest~ Challenging people to make/share products from Pick Your Plum.

Pinterest Fairies Sharing my Pinterest try at Fairies in a Jar.

Valentine’s Day Charmer A post about crafts I made for the LOVE Day!

So fun!  Hope your week is great too!

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Stacie said...

I love this idea--and I love when you give me new blogs to scout out and new deals and shops to peruse. I hope you have an AWESOME birthday week! I remember 35...it's a distant memory now...

Jessica McCoy said...

Happy Birthday week!!! I think all birthdays should be a week (or month) long celebration no matter the age. You deserve to be celebrated!

Love all your favorites!! Thanks for including me in your fav FB pages. :)


Emmy said...

Awe thank you!! And happy early birthday! And yes we should celebrate! Just because we are getting older and don't like to always admit it doesn't mean we shouldn't celebrate anyway :)

Jaime said...

Happy happy birthday!! I believe birthdays should be celebrated with all our favorite things! You're special! Thanks for including me in your favorites!! XOXO

Mason's Mama said...

Aww, first of all thank you! This is really awesome and I look forward to checking all of these out!

Also, Happy early Birthday!!!

Anonymous said...

Hope you have a wonderful birthday!

Vivienne @ the V Spot said...

Aw! Happy birthday! Thanks for sharing some of your birthday fun! :)

Monika Wright | I Love It All said...

Thanks for including my Etsy shop in your roundup...I am honored!


becca said...

what an awesome idea

Myya said...

Happy Happy HAPPY Birthday to you!!!

What a fun post, I love how you are giving props to so many others on your Birthday post.

35 is a great age... or at least it has been for me for the past 3 months. LOL

Mrs. Match said...

Fun, new blogs to stalk. I'm so glad you like Salty Mom, Lauren is great!

I hope you have an awesome birthday!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing all of your favorites :D

Julie Maloney said...

Coming over from EmmyMom to wish you a Happy Birthday!

Impulsive Addict said...

WHAT? I didn't make a single list??

Just kidding.

We're the same age. I'm just a couple of weeks older. Boo. =(

I'm done embracing birthdays.

Thanks for linking up!