2 Down & 1 To GO

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Finally, I can say that we have kicked the paci habit with Reese.  This round with a paci took a little bit longer.  This is my Proud Mommy Moment that I am sharing with Emmy! 

When Ryan was about to turn 2 years old and Erik had just returned from Iraq, I had a mission in mind to get Ryan off of the paci before his 2nd birthday.  Success!   I think honestly it was harder for me than it was for him.  I will admit there were a few rough nights to start with but once you get past those few nights, you are golden.  He was such a cutie with that big ole green paci! 

By the way if you are a new Mom or planning to be a new Mom and are looking for any advice on what paci’s you should get if your baby ends up needing a lil extra soothing—I hands down recommend Avents Soothie Paci’s.  I have given them so much money to keep my kids happy that I think we should own some piece of the business by now but seriously, they’re great. (not a paid advertisement)

I felt confident that we could wean Reese off of the paci by the time she turned 2 as well but we are now 6 months away from her 3rd birthday and I’d say we have failed on that goal.  We did begin working on it at school by not letting her have one the entire time she was there which worked well.  The set back was having a baby sister who also uses the paci and trying to cut the habit while Reese had to sit and watch her sister using one.  At home, it was not a battle worth fighting to keep the peace.

Reese kicks the paci 2
This lil’ cutie has been through her share of paci’s.  She got to the point where she was chewing on them and making holes.  We finally got down to the end of the inventory in our house and are confident that she is ready to let go.  We explained with her last paci, that she was a big girl now and didn’t need them.  We have told her this for a while now but I think it has finally kicked in.  Picking her up from school used to be a routine of locating a paci for her and Rayne and now she just helps Rayne with hers and moves on. 
We are so proud that we have kicked this habit!
Reese kicks the paci

We will keep ya posted on Rayne’s progress… for now we are still letting her use hers.
Rayne paci

Way to go Reese!! So proud of you!!  I am also sorry to Avent for the drop in sales. 

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Emmy said...

Yea!! Woohooo!! That is a hard one-- and like you said more often hard on us then them. Ryder always always had his so I wondered how it was ever going to happen but then one day it just did.

Great PMM! Thanks for linking up

Corrina Molina said...

Aww yea reese so proud :)

Stacie said...

Yay Reese! We are battling the thumb, Elise spits the binky out and pops in her thumb, which I know would be so hard to break.

Anonymous said...

LOLing @ the Advent comment. So true, huh??

I still remember when the paci was taken from our daughter. I was thrilled and it wasn't that bad of a transition. Until I woke up one morning and went to check on her. There was a paci in her mouth!! Where did you get it?? She pointed under her bed--- there were like 12 under there!! So THAT's where all the lost ones ended up!! HMPH.

((This is Amy from 991, btw.) :)

Myya said...

Yay congratulations! My middle one was a binky conosaur, she had tons of them & kept them lined up & would switch them out throughout the day. drove me nuts. My littlest wouldn't take one... have to admit it bummed me out a little bit. LOL

Mrs. Match said...

aw a definite proud mommy moment! I bet Rayne will look up to her big bro and sis and realize one day that she wants to be grown up like them, and then she'll toss the habit. Great job Reese!!

gayle t. said...

Awww, yay! Victory over pacis. :) Congrats and great job to Reese!

Gayle | Grace for Gayle