Vintage Music Paper decor

First, I wanted to share some fun news!  I was contacted by Ganz Parent Club and was asked if they could do a Q&A article about me for one week on their home page as the “Featured Blogger”.  I was so excited and you can see my interview HERE!


This year, my goal was to do a Vintage Music Paper theme for Christmas.  At first, I was thinking of going back to the look of gifts wrapped with newspaper and ribbon but then saw some music paper being used in some antique shops around town and changed my mind.  I wanted to share a few of the details from our home that spotlight the Music Paper theme. 

First, I was challenged to make an Ornament in the No Ugly Ornament Series and decided to include music paper on my ornament using music washi tape!
The Johanson Journey Family Frame Ornament FINALE
Next, I called on my favorite Cookie Coterie to help make me some Music Cookies with a vintage coloring by using a cream background and added the year on it for part of the décor I plan to use for our Christmas dinner!  Cassie tied my cookies with a beautiful red bow to make it match everything! I LOVE this shop!!
Next up is our mantle.  We had some pallets left over from Rayne’s Birthday party and I stained one with an oak stain to darken it up and mounted it on the wall above our fireplace.  There is a music paper flower hanging in the center that I wish I could take credit for making but I bought it at an antique store in McKinney.  I found hollow cardboard Christmas trees at Hobby Lobby and used modge podge to put music paper around the one you see on the bottom left.  I then took a glitter red ribbon to wrap around the tree and affix in place with pearl pins.  There is another cardboard Christmas tree that I used music paper to make a rolled up look on the bottom with a red ribbon and spray painted the rest of it gold with red glitter.  I made the JOY wine bottle at a Pinterest party earlier in November and hung our Personalization Mall stockings using fleur de lis holders from years past.
The Johanson Journey Mantle
As for our tree, I went the simple route and only used gold and red plastic ornaments.  I have so many collectible ornaments in boxes that I just lost the energy to unpack and put on the tree.  I did however find the energy to make our music paper garland.  I bought a very old book of music paper at this antique shop and cut it into strips and stapled it together.  Luckily with the tree, lights and everything else, the staples are the last thing you notice.  I used my grandmother’s angel for this years topper.  This was taken with my cell phone so pardon the imperfections.
The Johanson Journey Music Paper Garland
Finally, my wrapping details…  This year I went SIMPLE.  I wanted to wrap every gift in music paper but realized that could get pricey and finding it is not that easy, especially for gifts that are fairly large.  I did find a roll of music paper at Hobby Lobby that was rather thin, so I used it to add some spice to my kraft paper.  I found out how to make tissue paper flowers (which I can share if anyone is interested in how to make them) and red raffia ribbon.  I got some personalized Christmas tags with our family picture on them and wooden tags to add to them.  I LOVE the simplicity!
The Johanson Journey Music Paper Tissue FlowerThe Johanson Journey Kraft Music Wrapping
That is about all the major music paper decorations I used around the house.  I think next year I might do candy canes!  I guess its too early to think about next Christmas already.


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Anonymous said...

Congrats on the feature!! That is amazing! I read the interview and your answers were perfect! :o) I'm so lucky to be friends with such a famous blogger!

Merry Christmas to you guys!!

becca said...

Merry Christmas may your day be filled with love and laughter

Emmy said...

Love that! Love that you had a theme for everything. Love the wrapping paper. Congrats on being featured! Off to check it out

Mrs. Match said...

That is so awesome that you were featured. Your Christmas decorations turned out lovely. I love the way you wrapped your gifts, and that Christmas mantle is gorgeous!

Stacie said...

My tree has been red and gold the last few years,very designer-ish, with the family ornaments tucked away. With the little one, we have decided to go more traditional next year and include all of our personal ornaments, but I'm planning to add in some whimsy with candy cane ornaments and a candy cane tree topper. We'll have to share ideas!