Snow in Texas is rare, at least in the Dallas area.  This year we had a 20% chance of snow and it really came down!  It was minor compared to areas that get feet upon feet of snow but it was welcomed for sure! 

Just wanted to document this with a few pictures of our attempts to go sledding. 

Our journey begins with pool blow ups and trash can lids.  This is the 3rd time its snowed since Ryan was born and each time, I tell myself that I will get snow equipment for the next time but NEVER do it.  I think this year we have learned our lesson as one of our pool blow ups was popped on the way down one run.  Note to self: get better winter gear to wear.  I always end up with Erik’s jacket and a smorgasbord of items to stay warm.  I did however have hats for the kids and gloves, so that’s one good note.
First up was the snow angel.  Ryan has gotten really good at these:
IMG_6457 IMG_6458 IMG_6456
I stopped thankfully to capture Reese smiling.  Turns out she wasn’t too thrilled with the snow after I snatched her up and went down the hill for the first time.
IMG_6465 IMG_6470
Ryan and my step brother Jason went down racing each other…I think Ryan might have won because Jason’s Christmas Vacation hat was slowing him down. {teasing}
Pap noticed a “Sun-Doggie” in the sky and apparently he and I are the only ones who knew what that meant… its basically the rainbow in the clouds only in 1 spot.  What do you call them?
Some other great shots that came out of our sledding adventure:
IMG_6494 IMG_6487IMG_6503 IMG_6510 IMG_6497  IMG_6512 IMG_6516
Incase you were wondering where Rayne was?  She stayed back with her Great Grandpa Melton catching a quick nap before dinner & presents.
IMG_6527 IMG_6528
Other shots I took around our house during the actual snow storm.  Gotta love a good ole snow ball fight.
IMG_8087 IMG_8079 IMG_8081 IMG_8085 
The snow came and went so quickly but we enjoyed it to the fullest! 

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Mrs. Match said...

That looks like so much fun!! I am super jealous. Send some snow our way!
Love how Rayne sleeps. They just pass out so sound sometimes don't they? So cute.
Ryan is really good at those angels!

Connie said...

I still can't believe y'all got snow!!

Nicole said...

Uh... y'all got more snow than we have! I'm kind of missing the snow... I might kick myself in the butt for saying that though :). The snow angel is good.

Lauren E said...

Wow you guys got a lot!! It looks like a lot more than we did! I must say that pool blow ups for sleds is quite inventive. :)

Gauger Family said...

We loved the snow too. We got a great sled at US Toys in Plano off Parker. It was awesome and everyone around us was jealous of how fast Gracie would fly down hills! They might even have some online too. I figured even if we use it once a year, its worth it!!

Anonymous said...

It looks like you guys had a blast! That's so neat that you got to enjoy the snow :D

Emmy said...

I think I might like that kind of snow- last one or two days and then be gone, especially if it could come in time for a white Christmas.

Looks like you all had so much fun