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Gosh, with recent tragedies in Connecticut, I was trying to recall when that Batman Movie guy went crazy and wrote about it
HERE.  I am still unsure what he was thinking.  I’m 50/50 on these crazy killers.  The movie guy is alive to tell us WHY, but the kid from CT is gone.  I am just the type of person that wants to know WHY.  Guess only their maker will be able to answer that question.  So sad.  I spent that post talking about how times have changed since I was a kid.
I was gearing up for Christmas and was sharing some examples of my favorite music note ideas;

I just wish I had more time to make things like this for myself.  Isn’t that wreath beautiful?
July was fairly a light month of blogging for me.  I think I was getting caught up in Blog Envy and losing track of my own thoughts and direction for my blog.  Emmy over at
EmmyMom Blog and I were underway reviewing our Instagram challenge from June.

I created a menu option on the top right for
{SHOP} where I explained that I would put my favorite places in space if you wanted to know where I like to shop.   I got a surprise gift from fellow blog pal Dategirl Diaries {LOVE IT} Gosh, look how little Rayne looks!! Dategirl sent Rayne the cute tu-tu.  They share the same birthday!

I experienced my first Pinterest Fail.. only a failure because there is no way I could make my jars look like the enhanced picture you go off of:

Granted the jars glowed but the juice in the jar plus glitter just made it a paste of glow. 
Haha.. I started taking Kickboxing which I quickly quit when a girl punched me in the face 2x, yelling at me to get my gaurds up.  I honestly just wanted a cardio workout—not a battle to the death.

Emmy and I did a recap for July photo challenge where I realized this was when I cut 10 inches off my hair… miss my long hair.

I had major writers block in August.  Bummer!

This month is one of the busiest months of every year.  We have 4 family birthdays of which 2 I am planning full throttle parties for with Ryan and Rayne just 10 days apart.  My Stepmom and StepBrother are squished in there too!
I threw my FAVORITE Birthday party EVER!! Rayne turned 1 and I threw her a
CIRCUS PARTY!! I shared a very extensive list of party details.
rayne is 1
I also did a post where I shared how I documented Rayne’s growth using a desktop calendar:
I shared the ABC’s of me in this post
The kids and I went to the ZOO with our friends Courtney, Rusty & Anna!
And just like the previous months, Emmy and I did another recap of our August challenge.
So there ya have it! Get linked up with us to gain some points!  Looking forward to seeing your 3rd Qtr.

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becca said...

i love the faeries in a jar we did this project it was a big hit so thank you

Connie said...

Oh my gosh! You got your ass kicked at Kickboxing?

Mrs. Match said...

lol, pinterest fail. I can't tell you how many of those I've had. I think that picture on pinterest of the fairies in a jar is totally doctored. There's no way it really looks like that!
Loved looking back at Rayne's birthday. It was fun discussing the plans for the big event. Always love party planning with ya!

Beth W said...

You had such a fun summer! Thank you for sharing that Pinterest Fail- I learned a lot about it, and stopped stressing about my own pinfails! :)

Jessica McCoy said...

I still think your jars were super cute even if it wasn't just like the magical photo editing on Pinterest.

Rayne's party was so awesome! You did a great job!

jaime said...

The tutu photo is SO CUTE. And if someone punched me during kickboxing, I would probably have punched back. (And then not gone back.)

The circus party looked amazing!! We did sock monkeys this year. Already thinking ahead for his second birthday. :)

(Also, I'm a new follower. Love your blog!)

Stacie said...

a. I love your parties!
b. Your kids are growing up so much!
c. Did you tell us you got punched in the face? That is awful!

Nicole said...

Did you share how to do that jar somewhere? That's super awesome, not that I could get it to work either, but I think it could be fun to try! And blog envy as in envious of what other people had? I sometimes feel I lose my voice in the blog world too.

Miss Angie said...

Am I missing the linky? I don't see it... But goodness she's cute, and it looks like a great time!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a lot of fun though! I remember reading about the Pinterest Jar fail, but it still turned out cute. Ouch about kickboxing!!

Emmy said...

Can't believe that girl punched you in the face two times! I think I would quit then too or work really hard so I could learn and punch her in the face 3 times! That tutu is so cute! And you did such an awesome job with the circus party! And it definitely is easy at times to wish our blogs were one way or the other or that something would happen different-- but then when I print my blog at the end of the year I am just so glad that I do it and have the record and stories that I do.

jennie p. said...

love the circus party!! https://growninsouthernground.wordpress.com/2012/12/21/2012-review-extravaganza-third-quarter-recap/