#RE2012 RECAP 2012 Second Quarter

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{APRIL} I was still doing “Show Us Your Find” link party which I am so thankful to all of the blogs who linked up with me.  I think I had bigger expectations from the link party than I got so it began to fizzle.

I found some old pictures of my Glamour Shots and shared with you.  I got inspired from seeing a show from Ellen that made me want to find them.
photo (46)
With Mother’s Day approaching, I gave a
TOP 10 gift ideas list for Mother’s Day!
I used Animoto to make a
video that summarized our Easter.  I also shared my Rules of Mother’s with Daughter’s Post that still makes me smile. EmmyMom put a lil’ editing touches on this picture of Reese!
I was so proud to update our office and get my very own Craft Wall started!
{MAY} Personally I was handling some family matters as it relates to my last living Grandparent.  My Grandfather was growing weaker each day and sicker too.  He had throat cancer and developed pneumonia.  He was a fighter and maybe next year I can share more inner thoughts on losing him.  I was shaken by how greedy and mean spirited people can be when going through a death.  I think about Popop all the time and hope someday I’ll understand the way things worked out.

I took part in a 10 Reasons to Smile post that
EmmyMom hosts which I really need to work on participating every month next year!
{JUNE} EmmyMom Blog and I admitted our addition to Instagram and decided to recap the previous month’s photo challenges which I really was bad about following.  I just loved taking pictures and it helps to have a guide to sometimes think outside of the box when taking and posting them!

I was pretty excited to make a small photo prop and take pictures of my kids for the upcoming July 4th holiday!

I worked so hard on getting all of the details perfect for Reese’s 2nd
Birthday party!
I also gave a quick little tutorial about how I made DAD letters with washi tape for Erik for Father’s Day!
photo (30)
The finest moment for me was when
Rayne said MOMMA for the first time and it was her first WORD!!
I created a memory-sake for Ryan’s Karate class using a board he broke and matched it up to his belt using the same stripes with pictures of his accomplishments.

These were some busy few months! Sure does make time feel like it has flown by!  I’m excited to see your 2nd quarter!  So link up and join the giveaway!

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becca said...

so much fun looking back over the year and seeing what to place.

Stacie said...

This was a good reminder that I know an excellent party planner who can help me plan Elise's first birthday!

And I love looking at how much your kids have grown and changed.

Miss Angie said...

I LOVE your craft wall! It's so fantastic, and I'm jealous of it! :)

Thanks for hosting this! :)

Jill said...

Ah, Janette you have such wonderful ideas - for photos, for crafts, for everything!! Awesome!! Your craft wall makes ME want a craft wall!!!

I'm sorry not only for the loss of your grandfather, but also for the experience of dealing with selfishness & greed from others at that time. So horrible. I hope you're finding peace and that the grief is easing with every day. My grandma (the only grandparent I remember, as the others passed before I was born or when I was very little) was 95 when she passed away last year, and I still think about her every single day!

Lauren E said...

I am a total Instagram addict!! I love your 4th of July pic...the kids are so cute! And I'm totally jealous of your Glamour Shot. My mom would never let me get them done haha.

MiMi said...

I want your craft wall!

Emmy said...

Awe I was mentioned so many times in your recap :) And yes I do hope you link with 10 Things- one of my favorite memes :) So fun that you did Glamour Shots.

Your craft area is awesome! Those DAD letters are awesome! So cute. Reese's birthday party was adorable!
Thank for all you are doing.

Anonymous said...

I love your glamour shot! I want to do one just because it looks fun :D
Your craft wall is amazing! I am so envious :D I have a very skimpy craft box.. with not much in it haha.
I still miss the Show Us Your Find link up :D

Mrs. Match said...

I remember that mother's of daughters post. I absolutely loved it. And that Glamour shot still gives me the giggles. I wish you could get your answers for all that went on with PopPop. Hopefully someday you do.

Nicole said...

This was about the time I found your blog and started reading because I remember some of these things. I'm sorry about your grandpa. I lost a grandma and grandpa in 9 months of each other to oral cancer

Beth W said...

The fact that you created such an amazing bday party for a 2 year old makes me think your true calling is as an event planner. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh I love that craft wall! My next house will have a space for me to craft.

Jessica McCoy said...

I love your craft wall. It's even more amazing in person!

I loved helping you find all the cute minnie mouse themed items for Reese's party!! Love that cake!