How quickly a year goes by! We’re already capturing memories from the last three months of the year and closing the chapter to 2012.  I am sortof glad to see it go and ready to tackle a new year with new memories to make.   

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I got involved with Emmy’s Top Ten things to smile about and LOVE this picture:
my girl
We did our annual pictures with a photographer this year to capture our Halloween costumes and added the kids fall picture with it. 
IMG_7282IMG_7280iIMG_7279 IMG_7281
We shared some highlights from our trip to the Pumpkin Patch:
My heart broke to learn that a fellow blogger lost her husband and I wanted to help so I held two fundraisers on my blog helping the whole auction to raise over $12,000 for 
Julee and her sweet baby girl, Preslee.:
I think this might have been the first time I really got in the spirit of Halloween! I created some glow in the dark tutorials that I used in my entry way using Tulip paint!
I did a
top 10 list of teacher gifts from Etsy which is a major addiction!
Johanson Journey Etsy Round Up
The best memory for November was meeting my blog buddy for many years, Jessica!
She came to stay with me and attend our first Craft Fair together!  The only downside is that I still have inventory….. STILL!
I joined with Emmy to share our October Recap of Instagram Shots! Here’s a few of my favorites:

And finally, December.  Wow.  Its already here and almost gone. The proud moments from December were:
Being a featured blogger with GANZ online spotlight!  I was so excited and you can see my interview HERE!
Jessica at
FOREVER & A DAYand I shared our top 20 stocking stuffer ideas!
Jessica & Janette Top Stocking Stuffers
Took a moment of silence which I feel like my heart still breaks for this loss in Connecticut.
I shared our favorite, growing traditions:
I made some 15 minute or less place settings with acorns & mason jars which turned out very cute but I still can’t get the image out of my mind about the worms that are inside! Blech!
Johanson Journey Glitter Mason Jars
And that wraps up my December posts in a nutshell!!

Before you link up, don’t forget to think of 5 goals or predictions for the coming year!  You can certainly have more than 5, but we want to take a peek next year and see how well we did! 

*We will have made a decision to have baby #4 or be happy with the 3 beautiful babies we have.
*We will have sold our land in McKinney
~for sale HERE! Please SOMEONE BUY IT!
*We will have some resolution on my Popop’s intentions and closure as a family.
*We will get into a routine of working out and Erik and I will both lose 20lbs or more EACH.
*Erik will graduate with his Master’s while on the President’s List and have moved up in his position or found a better job.
*I will come up with a clever idea of how to open a store online.
*I will have moved up in my job or find something better.
*Ryan will be thrilled and loving his first year in school in Kindergarten!
*Ryan will be closing in on his black belt in karate!
*Reese will be taking dance classes or gymnastics.
*Reese will be gaining her belts in karate and getting closer to a black belt!
*Rayne will be talking a lot more, outgrown her highchair and sleeping in a big girl bed by the close of the year!
*Rayne will be involved in classes with her sister in dance or at karate!
*I will meet another blog friend in real life.

WHOA! That’s a lot!  Wish us luck!
Ready?  Link up!

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Connie said...

I really need to have professional photos of my kids taken sometime.

I might be able to help you with one of your goals.....

Stacie said...

I am really exhausted reading your list of goals, but I'm gonna hang on tight and enjoy the ride with you!

Mrs. Match said...

Those are some great goals sister! Maybe I can be the blog friend you get to meet. Now THAT would be cool. Come to Piglet's baby shower!! :-) I hope you find a way to open a shop online, get huge success and quit that blasted day job of yours for good! But you'll have to promise to still skype with me occasionally. ;-)

Lauren E said...

I love Halloween and those costumes are SO CUTE. And you are awesome with your goals! I hope 2013 is an amazing year for you and your family!

Nicole said...

I love how you set your goals so high! I'm with you about finding a new job because i won't be able to move up where I currently am. So awesome you got to meet a long time bloggy friend. and the fall pictures are adorable.

Anonymous said...

It's hard to believe that a year has already passed!
I love the glow in the dark Halloween decor, those ghost foot prints are way too cute :D I love how creative you are!
I hope your holidays were wonderful!

Emmy said...

Oh I like your wishes for the year- mine are all more goalish, I like yours. It is fun meeting blogs in real life, it is so strange as they technically are a stranger yet you know everything about them. Thanks again so much for all you did for this review Extrvaganza

jen @ grown in southern ground said...

love those pink cowboy boots!


Jessica McCoy said...

I LOVE that picture of you and Reese!

I'm so glad we finally got to meet each other in person this year! Let's not wait another 2 years!

I hope you have a great New Years! Can't wait to catch up soon! Miss ya! Love ya!