Tick Tock, its already December 4th!  My tree is barely decorated, ornaments are all over the floor but I have been busy at work to create a quick craft to spruce up my holiday table. 

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Johanson Journey Glitter Mason Jars
The best part of my craft is that it brought some of my family together.
Here’s the run down of supplies you will need:
Johanson Journey Mason Jar Supplies
1.  Large Acorns collected in a sealed bag.
2.  Bradford Pear Leaves with a gold paint marker.
3.  Glitter of choice.
4.  Gold Spray Paint & Adhesive Spray.
5.  Small Mason jars with lids and a ribbon of choice.
6.  Most importantly, family to help you and make it more fun!

Here’s how we made ours:
1.  We started by collectinghe largest acorns we could, minus the hats.  I love that acorns have hats! Let me tell you what I don’t love.  I don’t love the sneaky and nasty worms or larvae that crawl out of them unbeknownst to you while you are spray painting them.  This extra knowledge sped my process up because I wanted to get them into a sealed jar as fast as possible!!  Please note that I tried using a red spray paint but the family vote was that gold looked the best.  Feel free to spread your color pallet to match your holiday décor.
2.  Fill your jars with about 20-25 large acorns.  (FYI: we figure a sandwich sized Ziploc can hold enough to fill at least 3 jars.  This info can help figure out how many you need)
3.  Take your lids and spray adhesive on them and apply your glitter color of choice.  We went with red, green and gold.
Johanson Journey Golden AcornsJohanson Journey Glitter
4.  We collected some Bradford Pear leaves which have the most beautiful coloring to write our family names on with a gold paint pen.
5.  Add your ribbon of choice and simply stick your stemmed leaf behind the ribbon to hold it in place. 
Johanson Journey Glitter top Acorn Name Jars
I’m very excited to set our tables this year.  I hope this idea has inspired more ideas for the mason jar.  I am hooked on the jars and try to find as many uses for them as possible.  If you are looking for more quick and easy ideas, you should check out the rest of the crew who have some amazing & talented ideas to share over at
The Country Chic Cottage and  30 Minute Crafts.
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Anonymous said...

Those are super cute! Thanks for sharing :D

becca said...

how cute

4 You With Love said...

What a beautiful and fun idea!

Little Susie Home Maker said...

What a fun idea! It is so pretty.

Anonymous said...

That is a super cute idea. I need to send this to my sister in law. She has a bunch of acorns she wanted to do something with.

Emmy said...

So cute!!