I feel like I did a poor job in collecting pictures from Christmas this year but Emmy Mom has inspired me yet again to recap this before the year ended.  You can see Emmy’s HERE.

Our Christmas’ are very busy.  It starts on Christmas Eve with Erik’s family.  We have a full Christmas dinner and then open gifts.  The kids LOVE it and they are so exhausted that they don’t even hear  dropping tools, clinging things and cursing the directions to the toy that should be the easiest to put together) Santa’s sleigh bells and reindeer on the roof.  Christmas morning we wake up the kids—because for some reason they don’t wake up early like I did when I was a kid and check out what Santa brought.  Breakfast with my folks, lunch with another set of my folks and finally dinner with my folks at their house for Christmas with them.  Its BUSY but we’re making memories…. I’m sure I’ve left a detail out.

I tried to make Christmas sugar cookies and after three tries, I finally figured out how to make them and make them GOOD!  I think I made about 6 or more dozen cookies after it was all said and done.  Let’s just say that Santa and Mrs. Claus were fat and happy.
IMG_8136 IMG_8065
Here is what the kids woke up to.. I wish I had taken a panoramic picture of the room but these three shots will have to do.
IMG_8069 IMG_8067 IMG_8068
Reese had a gift from her Uncle Jason that should be noted as the craziest gift ever.  His logic was to buy out Albertson’s for every Reese’s product they had for sale and give it to Reese as her present because naturally they were her’s.  The sad news is that Reese can’t really play with this gift, but the good news is that we have a year’s supply and probably enough to carry us through 2013 Halloween.
I wanted to also post our pictures with Santa.  Sadly, Rayne was not a fan but this is pretty much the same thing Reese did when she saw him last year and this year Reese was a champ, minus her perplexed look.
IMG_7945 IMG_7937 IMG_7938 IMG_7939 IMG_7940 IMG_7941 IMG_7942 IMG_7943 IMG_7944
On this last day of 2012, we have our tree down and all of our decorations put away.  I know its sad to put away all of the pretty things but I was starting to get a little OCD about the needles on the floor and disaster everywhere.  Happy New Year Friends!! xoxo


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Stacie said...

For the first time ever, our tree is still up. We have company coming in this weekend and Mike talked me into leaving it up. But I am itching to restore order to the house! Happy New Year!

Mrs. Match said...

Our tree is still up-but it's coming down today, New Year's tradition. I didn't have a very big needle problem, and I think it's because we went to a tree farm. Or maybe because our house is so cold! ;-)

Love the priceless Santa picture-poor baby! It's always so funny to see them get so scared of Santa. Soon enough she'll be running into his arms!

Mom of 12 said...

What a fun Christmas! My 12-year-old would do anything for that box of Reeses.

Anonymous said...

I want that box of Reese's :)

I had to wake my kids up too. I remember getting up super early when I was little.

Hope you have a great New Year!

Jessica McCoy said...

That is a ton of presents!! FUN! I miss being a kid lol.

Your cookies look yummy!! I need the recipe for these please. :)

Lauren E said...

OMG they could not be any cuter!! What a fantastic Christmas morning for them. Is that ALL the Disney Princesses!? That's amazing! I bet they had a ball.

And those cookies look amazing. You know how I feel about cookies. :)

Happy 2013 to you! I really need to take our tree down too! *hugs*

Emmy said...

Awe thanks so much for the shoutout!! You're the best. You did a great job with the cookies and now you know what works so will be much easier next time.

I am totally jealous of Reese's gift- those are my favorite.

Looks like a lot of fun presents- I love your tree.

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