Winter Holiday Hop

Last night got down to the 30’s here in McKinney, Texas and the count down for Thanksgiving and Christmas are getting me more in the spirit!  I’ve seen people setting up their trees already and I’m so excited for the REAL trees to be available so we can scurry out to grab one and get our decorations started.  I was thinking about some crafts that I love to do with my kids and wanted to dig them up and share them again. 

I am joining with a group of ladies who are also showcasing some great Winter Holiday Ideas!  Check them all out! I’m honored to be teamed up with them!

You can Click the Button above to go to the main blog and see all the participants. Here are the ladies involved:

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I am in love with my kids feet.  At this point we haven’t hit the stinky & smelly feet stage and I love capturing their little toes and feet by incorporating it into my holiday décor!  There are many ideas of how to stamp your little piggies!  I decided to make individual Christmas tree’s with my son and 2 daughters.  I painted the star on myself and added the trunk below each.  I tried to make them all a little bit different (trunks) to give them all character.  Simply painted their toes red and the base of their feet green and angled them to be in a tree formation.  
The Johanson Journey Christmas Tree Prints
I was on a roll with their lil’ feet and decided to try making reindeer for their feet.  At the time, Rayne was just 2 1/2 months old and her eyes were blue.  I decided to give each reindeer the same eye colors as my kiddos to match their feet.  All you have to do is stamp their feet in brown paint and press on a canvas!  I drew the antlers on with a sharpee but doubt you’d ever know by looking at it.  I decided to add a red fuzz ball to their noses to give them more spunk.
The Johanson Journey Reindeer Prints
I have these hanging on our wall all year long and can’t wait to compare their feet each year as they get bigger!  There are endless ideas out there for cute holiday crafts with your kids!  Just thought I’d share my favorites with you to get you started!  Check out these ideas linked up!  There is a giveaway HERE so don’t miss it!


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Abbie @ lovinourchaos said...

Oh my word!! I love footsie artwork too and these turned out adorable! Thanks for all the ideas for winter arts, crafts and decorations!

becca said...

what cute foot art i remember my son making these in pre school wow what a long time ago

Dawn's Craft Place said...

I love footsie art, this is such a fun idea for gifts.

Mind Of Mine said...

I also love Christmas but I don't like to decorate to soon as I as preserve the novelty for Christmas Eve and Christmas eve.

Tiffany Windsor said...

Such a cute idea! Thank you for sharing!

Stacie said...

Super cute, I love all of your hand and feet projects!

Debbie K. said...

So cute and a wonderful way to remember how smal they were at one time:)

Eileen Hull said...

How adorable are these and what a great way to look back and remember how little their feet were! TFS...

cherished bliss said...

Thanks for the fun party! I need to do the rudolph foot prints, so stinkin cute!!

Emmy said...

Your feet decor really is so cute! And yes, Christmas really is coming up quickly!

Anonymous said...

I always love what you do with your kids hand and foot prints! Too cute!!

It's cold here now, too. 27 this morning! That's nuts!! So, when am I going to see a post about you and Jessica's weekend together?

Vanessa @ Our Thrifty Ideas said...

These are so cute!! Great Ideas

Erin Sipes said...

Yay, a one stop shop for holiday inspiration, and I LOVE the reindeer feet! We are going to be doing that this year. :)