Our cuddleuppett poodle

When we are home, our TV is usually set to a kid network of some sort and the commercials are endless.  I hear Ryan yelling out, “ I want that for my birthday or Christmas!” almost every time a new one comes on.  The advertising companies are really getting into some catchy commercials.  I’ve caught myself even singing the song “Cuddle Cuddleuppets, they’re cuddleuppets, blankets that are puppets” between episodes of SpongeBob Square Pants.

If you aren’t sure what I’m talking about…. now’s the time to tune in for the latest ‘must have’ item for your kids.

Cuddly Blanket + Cute Puppet


We were surprised with a blanket that came in the mail to test and see how the kids liked it.  Ryan was super excited, although slightly bummed it was a pink poodle.  There are 6 to choose from but the pink poodle is awfully cute!  I think Ryan was hoping for a more boy-ish one to test out but the girls loved it!


Rayne has grown the most attachment for this sweet lil’ cuddleuppet and I can’t blame her.   Its like a guard pup is watching over her while she sleeps!! I even found Reese cuddled up with it!  rayne poodle 1Rayne poodle 2Reese poodle 1

CuddleUppets are machine washable and cost less than twenty dollars, making them an affordable gift for the holidays and every day!  They are available online HERE  and in major retailers as well as Amazon.

Which one would you get?  I bet you will have a hard time choosing just one as they are all so cute.

Disclosure: I received a CuddleUppet courtesy of Jay at Play through The Blogger Connection to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own.

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Anonymous said...

I hear I want that mom all day long with Allison! She really wants one of those Cuddleuppets, well she wants ALL of them.

Emmy said...

I have never seen those, those are cute

Lauren E said...

Now that there is a unicorn, I will definitely be getting one for my daughter. She LOVES puppets (and I love unicorns haha).