1st blog meeting & a craft fair

Back in September when I was wrapping up my whirlwind of birthday parties, I had an idea to invite a few vendors to my house and have a Holiday Party.  The idea was to make my house a 1 stop shopping place to help friends and family get their Christmas shopping done early and to help my favorite vendors make some money for the holidays.  As time was getting closer, the more I began to panic.  I was mainly concerned for the vendor friends who said yes and making sure I was making it worth their while.  In the midst of my panic, my kids school director told me she had an idea of having a Holiday Bazaar that would have booths and invite the community!  I was sold.  I thought this was brilliant and would bring more people to my friends who were selling things than I could at my own house.

One of my friend vendors happens to be a blog friend I have known for 2 years through blogging, skyping, texting and chatting on the phone.  Jessica from Forever & A Day happens to sell Thirty- One and lives 2 1/2 hours away.  When I asked her if she would want to come, she said “YES”!  We were about to meet for the first time EVER!  

Both of our husbands were perplexed and worried for us to meet each other, especially since we had only known about each other online.  Erik calls my blog friends, “Friends from the Matrix” and he uses the quotes too when he says it.  Jessica’s husband asked her if she was sure she wanted to take the chance to drive 2 1/2 hours and find out I’m an ax murderer!  They are so dramatic!

In the midst of planning the perfect 1st time meeting, I decided I would have a booth at this Holiday bazaar too!  I was nervous about my booth as well as Jessica’s and 2 other friends I got to sign up to come join.  I wanted everyone to be successful! 

So, the time came and Jessica pulled up and I would describe it as seeing a cousin you haven’t seen in a few years and feeling so comfortable that it didn’t even cross my mind that we were complete strangers. 
I am kicking myself now for not taking more pictures together but maybe I was more nervous than I thought!? We got busy figuring out how to set up our tables and she helped me with some last minute projects for my table and we were off to bed and up bright and shinny to be ready to set up for the crowd.
My craft table was complete with decorated jumbo clips, memory books, canvas’ for the holidays, fun mason jars fill with hair ties and adorable key fobs made by my gal pal Kristi and I was set!  Jessica was also set up for success with her fun Thirty One Products and order forms ready to go!  IMG_7457[1]
Overall we had a great time together at our Holiday Bazaar.  The best part was getting to sit together and chat about life and everything in between.  We hung out for a few hours after the event and I hated to see her leave.  I am relieved to have Erik meet someone I’ve been talking about and I am sure her husband is just as relieved that she lived through it.  We laugh and joke now that we should have taken a picture together with knives in our hands to send our hubbies.  LOVED every minute of it!! I might even be brave enough to do another craft show some time soon.  Thanks Jessica for a great visit and for making the 1st time blogging meet up so fun!

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Jessica McCoy said...

I hadn't realized it until you put it in to words but it was exactly like seeing a cousin you haven't seen in a few years. It didn't feel like we were strangers at all!!

Thanks again for making me get out of my comfort zone and inviting me to stay with you! I had so much fun and can't wait to see ya again! Love ya!!

Anonymous said...

You guys are too cute! I just want to give you both great big hugs! :o) Your tables look amazing, too! So was the craft fair a success?

I am continually amazed at your gumption? Is that the right word? You are constantly thinking of new things and planning things I'd never think of doing. I'm really impressed! Must be why you're such a successful mom and career girl! :o)

Stacie said...

Looks like fun! I love meeting fellow bloggers.

Nicole said...

Oh that would have been awesome had you had the forethought for that knife photo... lol :)

Mrs. Match said...

Ooohh Jessica, I "know" her! :-) That is so awesome you guys had a great meet up. I imagine that's how it'll be for me too, not like strangers at all.

Love the displays, you guys had so much fun stuff!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you guys got to meet and had such a great time. One of my best friends I met online about 9 years ago. We have only got to see each other 1 time and it was so much fun but I was extremely nervous. I might get to see her again next year and I can't wait!

Emmy said...

Your cousin description is perfect! As yes it is so weird meeting a blogger you "know: but really is a total stranger. Glad you had a good time