Time for a smile

Its been a while since I have sat down to record the things that are making me smile.  What better time to do it than with EmmyMom with her monthly Ten Thing to Smile About post!

1.  I am very happy that we picked a great day to go to the Big Orange Pumpkin Patch for our annual patch visit.  Next year I think Rayne will be able to enjoy it more and run through the patch with her brother and sister!
2.  We got to go to our local StoneBridge Beach club where they were inviting residents to come and partake of a petting zoo and bounce houses and other games for the Fall & Halloween season. Never mind that the poor chicken that Rayne was trying to pet nearly lost its head or wing from her trying to show affection.. it was still fun!

3.  I got an email from Mr. Malu Dadda saying that I have been selected by an eco bank governor to receive a payment of  ($2.800,000.00 USD) through western union, but the maximum amount I will be receiving is ($5000) per day starting from tomorrow until the funds is completely transferred.($2.800,000.00 USD)  All I have to do is Kindly Contact Western union Agent:+229999_19987 (Mr.YOBA CHIOKWE).

I just feel so lucky!  Gotta love spam mail!  It must be working though or they wouldn’t send this crap!

4.  Reese is officially signed up for Karate.  She has been going and watching Ryan for several months now.  About 2 months ago, the instructor loved how she acted out the motions in the back of the class and gave her a belt for fun and one day gave her a stripe for doing what she was suppose to and as the youngest student in Side Kicks Martial Arts history, she is an Official White Belt in training!
reese starts karate 2reese starts karate
5. Early October I was trying to think whether I would be able to throw a Holiday party at my house to bring vendors of friends who sell things to my house and invite neighbors and friends to do some shopping but the kids school/daycare came up with a Holiday Bazaar instead that I thought would be more beneficial for a few friends I know.  One of them is fellow blogger Jessica from Forever & A Day blog.  I have known her via blogging for almost 2 years and she lives 2 1/2 hours away.  I have talked this gal into driving to McKinney to stay with me and meet for the first time face to face and go to sell her awesome Thirty-One Products for the Holiday!! She also sent me this sweet card in the mail which still has me smiling!! Can’t wait to meet her in person! It will be my first blogger meet up story!   Had to include her 31 Special too! Click the Thirty-One image to go and get this great deal before it ends!
friend card from jessica
6. Speaking of our school/daycare, I am very happy about how happy they are! At first we had some transition changes when we moved here in June and was thrilled that they had a Halloween Parade.  Any extra excuses for the kids to wear their costumes (Ryan especially) was a great thing! parade 1parade 2parade 3
7.  I am happy to report that I was apart of a fabulous & successful auction to help raise money for Julee & Preslee Turner.  The entire auction with over 140 participants and auction winners raised over $12,000.  I feel a small bit of relief to know I was able to help in some way but of course it cannot fill the void they have to live with forever which makes me sad.  Julee has been sharing pictures of Preslee and her sweet innocent face is reason to smile!  The blogging community also is a reason to smile!
8. Each of my sweet kiddo’s makes me smile and they each have such a fun personality.  My dad took this picture of me with Reese and it makes me smile.  I love hearing the things they say and how much they are learning.
my girl
9.  I wish I had a picture, but earlier this month when Erik had Army Drill, I was trying to surprise him with a home cooked meal.  At the last minute I decided to try to make a roast but lost my skills and nearly burnt the house down as it overflowed in the oven and lead me to have to bake it off and let me tell you it STUNK!  But, the outcome was a great roast.  I’ve been scared to use a crock pot, mainly b/c I am very picky but I successfully made another roast this way and it turned out great. 
10.  In the spirit of the Halloween holiday, even though its not my favorite holiday….  I loved the excuse to put together some crafty items to spruce up our entry way and am happy with how it turned out!  Erik decorated the front entry door on the outside with his tombstones and webs with spiders to spook the lil’ kiddos which is his favorite thing to do!  I’m ready to get my Fall set up going and even more so, Christmas!

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Anonymous said...

I can't wait to read about you and Jessica's blogger date! I can't believe ya'll haven't met up before! 2.5 hours isn't really that far of a drive!!

LOVE that photo of you and Reese! You're both gorgeous!!

Emmy said...

Yea!! Thanks so much for linking up. I just read on Jessica's list about you meeting up- gotta admit I am totally jealous!

How fun that Reese will be in karate now too-- and yes they definitely pick up a thing or two when sitting and watching. Great list!
Thank you so much for linking up! It means a ton

Yüz Germe said...

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Toni :O) said...

Hey gal! Stopping by to say hello to my new bloggy friend. Your family is beautiful and I love the karate photos, very cute. I am in love with my new VB tote! It is awesome! Thanks again for being a part of this amazing auction, while it makes me so sad as well, all the prayers and support will be such a blessing to Julee and her family. Hope your sweet kiddos have a really fun Halloween! :0)

Connie said...

Number 9 makes me laugh because we joke that it's dinner time when the smoke alarm goes off!

Nicole said...

Oh come on, why didn't you contact them to get your money? That doesn't sound like a scam at all.... NOT! :). lol

Your kiddo's are so darn cute!

Jessica McCoy said...

Can't wait for next weekend!!! SO EXCITED!

I always love seeing pictures of the kiddos but the one of you and Reese is pretty awesome! Beautiful ladies!!

Thanks for linking up my 31 site. :)

Stacie said...

Love them all, but Reese's karate pic and the pic of the 2 of you are my faves!

Angel said...

Why didn't you contact them? lol I keep winning the British lottery but dang it I never bought a ticket!
Karate was one of the most fun things I did as a kid! and I can't wait to hear about your blogger date!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow you sure won the big bucks (; haha! Now if only those weren't spam.
I love all the pictures! Looks like the kids had a wonderful time!
Congratulations on raising so much money!
xoxo Kenzie

Mrs. Match said...

Wow I love that Reese is the youngest and doing so well! You go kick some karate butt Lil girl! :-)
Have fun on your bloggy meet up! You're so lucky! I can't wait to meet a blog friend someday. Come visit!!
I love all the kids costumes. Definitely the best part of Halloween.