Pumpkin Décor

I was pulling out my Halloween décor and setting it out and realized that I had an empty spot with no decoration.  I also know that any reason to go to Home Depot for the hubs is a great excuse to go looking for something to fill my empty space.
This was my first time to buy white pumpkins and while I think they are beautiful, I wound up buying spray paint to cover them up. 

My supplies:

Adorable and fun shaped pumpkins
Chrome Spray Paint
Black speckled Spray Paint
Cute Halloween Bow
Vinyl Letters
M&M’s (optional)

I found a squashed pumpkin that was pretty flat on both sides without a stem.  I decided to spray paint that one chrome and a small plump pumpkin that would sit on top without falling over.
*Note, I added painters tape around the stems but I guess this is optional if you want to spray your stem too.  I also love that this project got Erik involved and even Ryan was able to help with the painting!
before after pumpkin
Once they dried, I stacked them on top of each other, added a ribbon & filled the space around the smaller pumpkin with M&M’s.  This is probably not the best idea though because Reese is bound to find them and eat them all.  She LOVES Chocolate!

I found some vinyl letters at Michaels and added our last name and it turned out to be pretty darn cute in our lil’ empty space!
pumpkin tablescape
Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post on what I did with the rest of those lil’ pumpkins!

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becca said...

how cool i love these and they are easy to do from the looks thank you

Anonymous said...

They turned out wonderful! I love how easy the project was, definitely makes me want to run out and buy a bunch of pumpkins and paint :D

Dreams Do Come True said...

very cute!

I got a few pumpkins over the weekend and I need to do something cute like this.

Dreams Do Come True


cherished bliss said...

cute cute!! : ) I love the silver one! Can't wait to see what you did with the others : )

phoebe said...

they look great! thanks for sharing!

Angel said...

Those are so cute! I Love the silver ones!