photoaday september {recap}

Phew! I am so relieved that I survived September.  It is by far the busiest month in our family for birthdays.  Step Sister Haley, Step Brother Jason, Ryan, Rayne, my Step Mom Kaye and again, I breathe a sigh of relief that its now October. 
Emmy over at
EmmyMom Blog and I are sharing our Instagram pictures!  She has to be one of the most dedicated photoaday gals I know.  Emmy is also a professional photographer so I think she has a great advantage and some awesome subjects! Ps.  Emmy is having a birthday this month!  Wish her a happy day (25th). FatMumSlim is responsible for this addiction as she creates these fantastic daily challenges.  If you have not become an addict, I recommend you start now.  We decided to throw this meme together to give you a chance to share them with us! 
Today is the day to share your month of September.   If you participated in the Photoaday, blog about it and join in the fun. Emmy even made a little button you can add to your post.  Find me! @Johanson52607!
Also, did you know you can link up your actual Instagram Feeds? Didn’t get a chance to recap your month? That’s okay…. This is an option if you want to send us directly to your feed. They are free & easy and give you a link that you can link up with!  For example, mine is:
Here are the places you can pick from.  I use Webstagram. Followgram | Ink361 | Webstagram | Gramfeed | Extragram
I think the coming months are going to be fun, especially with the holidays upon us! YAY!! Here is my look back over my favorite pictures from September.

And there ya have it.  I can’t wait to see your posts!

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Angel said...

I love your photos! I wish I could complete a photo a day challenge, I never can finish the month!

Stacie said...

A big, fat YES! to the That's Crazy pic, I totally do that!

Mrs. Match said...

I'm such a slacker-I need to try to take pictures for October. I may not have instagram but I can still play dangit.
I'm excited September is over-it was way too dang hot here! I'm ready for FALL!

Anonymous said...

I so love Rayne's birthday cake!

Emmy said...

You did have a busy month! I love your pictures- they all seem so artistic to me.

And thanks for the shoutout :)

Thanks for doing this with me.

Anonymous said...

I love the pictures you took! I really have been meaning to play along, I just keep getting so caught up with other things.