I’m an angel

I found a really neat blog that was doing a series called Blog Angels at Craftbotic.  I have always thought this would be so cool to do and more importantly, I wanted one myself.  A Blog Angel starts off as a secret mission to help a fellow blogger with their blog. 

Blog Angels October

I’m always looking for tips and ideas and ways to better my blog, so I quickly signed up.  The first two weeks of after receiving my blog of which I would be the angel for, I got to check in, comment, share, follow and any other way I could try to assist.  I also teamed up with one of my favorite bloggers, Jessica who I know was apart of the angel team so that we could tag team the blogs we were assigned.    Today I am revealing who my angel is, say hello to
Amy from
The Charming Blog!
Amy is a newly-wed with a passion for photography and following her dream in nursing!  I wish I had the stomach for it because to be a nurse is like having a set of wings like an angel!  Amy is looking for feedback on her blog and I’m excited to finally share that I am her angel and get to work on what I can do to help!  For now, go show her some love…. follow her and tell her I said ‘Hi’!! She is also on Instagram which is where I spent most of my free time, so check her pictures out too!!

I love the idea of helping out a fellow blogger and have also found out my angel is: Angel!  How perfect is that!?

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becca said...

aw congrats amy

Emmy said...

That is so cool! You will be a great mentor

meandmr.com said...

I love this idea! So cute!

Anonymous said...

What a neat idea! I've never heard of anything like this! I saw another blogger involved with this, too! I'm headed over to check out Amy and follow her now!

Anonymous said...

This is such a wonderful idea :) You are such an awesome mentor!

Amy Smith said...

Awh, it's SUPER nice to meet you =) I'm excited!!!! I still love my last round of angels! =) it's just so nice to meet fabulous people I maybe wouldn't have otherwise.