How to entertain kids: get a dog

I am excited to show and tell you about a great collection that all kids should have!  Heather from Dollar Store Crafts introduced me to the best DVD ever for keeping kids entertained. 


Ultimate Trucks Package

Normally when packages arrive at my house, it means Mommy or Daddy just got something fun.  Typically for Daddy, that means school books and for Mommy, it means crafty, boutique items.  This package that arrived, I actually got to tell the kids, “THIS IS FOR YOU!”

Jim from 20dogs offered to send me a DVD and CD soundtrack with matching shirts for each of the kids to see what they thought.  It was probably the first time I have been able to get dinner together without them hanging on my legs.  We have a very lazy and aging Golden Retriever, Mackie who takes all of the ear tugs, tongue grabbing and hugs very well.  I knew my kids would love watching and singing along to the fun songs on the DVD.
This is our sweet Mackie…. she is a sweetheart and I love her frog legs!
IMG_1484 IMG_1480
20 Dogs DVD fans
The kids were very excited to get a T-Shirt that they could all have for themselves.  Getting them to sit all together as you can see is not the easiest task.
20 Dogs DVD Reese 20 Dogs DVD Ryan
Pictures taken and time to enjoy!  They loved the DVD and we listen to the CD in the car on the way to and from school.  I think I even heard Erik singing the songs after we dropped them off.  They are catchy and cute and all have great lessons included. 
20 DOGS DVD Watching
I want to mention that 20dogs has a great package including the DVD, CD and a T-shirt with a value of $34.85 but they are offering the Ultimate Package for only $19.95!
This would make a perfect Christmas gift for young kids.  I think it is so important for children to learn and see all types of dogs so they do not grow up afraid.  We have been fortunate to have a loving dog and she is rather big compared to my kids. I think it has made a difference in how they view dogs and other animals.  Erik wants to eventually get a Great Dane or a Bull Mastiff so we are on the right track for easing their fears. 

I also want to point out that I went to see what else I could find out about Jim and his company and found that they also offer 20 Trucks too!  I have a feeling my son would go crazy over that one!
Utlimate Truck Package

You can visit 20 Dogs online and tell them I sent you!  You can also check out some videos they have on their site.  Enjoy! I know we sure did! Thanks Jim & 20dogs crew!


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Mrs. Match said...

Love those frog legs! She's so good with your kids. I love that! What a fun little treat for the kiddos. I hope our pup is as good with Piglet as yours is with your babies.

Angel said...

What a great treat for the kids! Your puppy's frog legs are adorable! and 20 trucks sounds like it would be a hit with any boy!

becca said...

how cute

Holly said...

Your dog is so cute!! :D
Dropping by from the blog hop. :)

Anonymous said...

Your dog is cute! My lab does the same thing with his back legs haha.
Sounds like an awesome movie and cd, that is so neat that all the kids got shirts (:

Emmy said...

Lol! i don't ever think I have seen a dog lay down like that. Love it